Month: February 2013

The Brunch Look


The blue top is from H&M, the pants are from some shop in Dubai, the shoes are NineWest and the necklace is from Forever 21. The maxi dress is from Express.


The dress to the Left is from Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. The dress to the Right is from Urban Outfitters & the belt is from H&M.

Some delicious brunch items I have recently consumed:


Highland Bakery


Brunch. I absolutely love it. I love it to the point where, instead of having a birthday dinner when I was 21, I decided to venture out and enjoy Birthday Brunch with my girlfriends.  Ever since then brunch has become a staple for my girlfriends & me. We always seem to dress to our nines, wearing maxi’s getting a little dolled up, because lets face it another woman can appreciate the hard work another woman puts in when getting dolled up.

I tend to be more conservative in my dress code, but that is because I would be embarrassed to step into a respectable establishment wearing an inappropriate sun dress. You never know what type of crowd you will be surrounded by. I would rather be safe, then sorry.  Remember YOU are a brand, you have to start tweaking and tailoring your image as soon as you figure out whom you want to be, and how you want to emulate that image ( I will dedicate a post on whom you want to be, and how you want to emulate the image, fairly soon–I promise).

The Messy Apartment

I am incredibly embarrassed that my apartment is out of order, but I thought I would post an extremely QUICK out fit of the day (OOTD). I wanted to stay warm, since it was extremely cold. Layering is always an excellent idea, since I am never sure if it will be colder in the law school than it is outside, or if it will be just right.

Waffle Sweater

Everything I am wearing  I bought on sale (and the jeans I got for free, since they are my sister-in-law’s).

The thick maroon waffle sweater is from Forever 21 ( bought in 2010 for $12-$15)

The Black Cardigan is from Macy’s (bought in 2009 for $10)

The stripped shirt is from Zara (bought in July 2012 for $10)

The jeans are from Uniqlo (acquired in December of 2011)


The First Date

You only get ONE first date, so make it count.  So many young women attempt to push the limits of sexy when going on a first date. I want to ask them “why?”

Why do you feel like you need to expose your body  to garner attention? If you want to truly start off on the right foot, and if you truly want a meaningful relationship, I would definitely take the conservative route. You want him to respect you,  dote on you, & know that you are a respectable young woman, not just some object or a hookup buddy. Dress accordingly: just like interviews, first impressions are everything. They set tone for your relationship. Are you a girl who is going to be DTF, or are you going make sure he knows you have standards, and are NOT to be toyed with?

Well, I was lucky enough to have a friend going out on a first date. It is winter & obviously extremely cold, so staying covered is a must! Her outfit is beautiful & the outfit would look great on any body type (I’m serious). It’s extremely easy to mimic, since she is wearing basic staple closet pieces. Even if you do not have these exact pieces, I bet there is something close to it in your closet, and if there is not, then I think similar pieces would be a great investment for your closet.


The First Post


A year ago, when I started law school, my business clothes were extremely frumpy and uncoordinated. I was not sure where creativity could be placed in my business attire. I wanted to feel beautiful, without pushing the envelope or taking attention off of my work product. Over the course of a year and a half, I have discovered that there is room for creativity.

I am pursuing law school and want to practice law in my future. While practicing law, I also want to run a blog about my fashion experiences as I move forward in my career. My advice  and styling techniques will remain appropriate and relevant for the young professional who wants to be taken seriously.

My continuous experiences at firms, government entities, business meetings, class and social settings, allow me to give you advice about styling and putting looks together for the more professional you. Nowadays everyone is a brand. I want to make sure that you are the best brand YOU can be!

I hope you enjoy my work.



P.S. I’ll also use this blog to talk a LOT about food!