The First Date

You only get ONE first date, so make it count.  So many young women attempt to push the limits of sexy when going on a first date. I want to ask them “why?”

Why do you feel like you need to expose your body  to garner attention? If you want to truly start off on the right foot, and if you truly want a meaningful relationship, I would definitely take the conservative route. You want him to respect you,  dote on you, & know that you are a respectable young woman, not just some object or a hookup buddy. Dress accordingly: just like interviews, first impressions are everything. They set tone for your relationship. Are you a girl who is going to be DTF, or are you going make sure he knows you have standards, and are NOT to be toyed with?

Well, I was lucky enough to have a friend going out on a first date. It is winter & obviously extremely cold, so staying covered is a must! Her outfit is beautiful & the outfit would look great on any body type (I’m serious). It’s extremely easy to mimic, since she is wearing basic staple closet pieces. Even if you do not have these exact pieces, I bet there is something close to it in your closet, and if there is not, then I think similar pieces would be a great investment for your closet.



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