The Messy Apartment

I am incredibly embarrassed that my apartment is out of order, but I thought I would post an extremely QUICK out fit of the day (OOTD). I wanted to stay warm, since it was extremely cold. Layering is always an excellent idea, since I am never sure if it will be colder in the law school than it is outside, or if it will be just right.

Waffle Sweater

Everything I am wearing  I bought on sale (and the jeans I got for free, since they are my sister-in-law’s).

The thick maroon waffle sweater is from Forever 21 ( bought in 2010 for $12-$15)

The Black Cardigan is from Macy’s (bought in 2009 for $10)

The stripped shirt is from Zara (bought in July 2012 for $10)

The jeans are from Uniqlo (acquired in December of 2011)



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