Forever 21 Friday

My love-hate relationship with Forever 21  has been around since I was 16. I am ashamed to say it, but I’m no longer 21, and I still stop at F21. I’m a little addicted, but mainly I’m a graduate student who wants to look cute.

I have a couple of issues with F21:

  1. The dresses  or skirts are usually TOO short
  2. Sometimes the styles are TOO tight for regular proportions
  3. The styles are TOO young.
  4. The accessories are cheap (ridiculously prone to breaking)
  5. The Fabric is cheap, hence rips easily or does not look the same after a wash.

The PROS however:

  1. I get to try trends, before I decide to splurge and deem it as a BASIC or STAPLE 
  2. I can get essentials ridiculously cheaply (White, Nude and Black tank top each run around or under $3.00)
  3. Sometimes you really do only wear a dress once.
  4. Sometimes you can find great designer knockoffs (like a Henri Bendel bangle)

Here are my top three favorite items:

Chiffon Shirtdress w/ Skinny Belt | FOREVER21 – 2022846036.

Essential Polo Shirt | FOREVER21 – 2021839556.

Colorblocked Single Button Blazer | FOREVER21 – 2040496027.


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