Mexican Food: LOS LOROS : 1248 Clairmont Rd Decatur, GA 30030

I went to LOS LOROS for lunch today & I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT.  The food & service were horrendous. I know I have previously stated  that I’m a tough critic, but seriously, I have never felt the need to blog about a horrible food experience, like I feel the need to do it today. An awesome example of how bad the service was/is: I asked the waiter for a straw, the waiter NEVER came back, so we NEVER got straws, but then I had to walk through this construction area to get to the bar to asks for straws, since the hostess was on the phone yapping with a friend– when I told the other waiter/construction-man, he gave me the box of straws & implied I, myself, should TAKE OUT THE STRAWS I NEEDED. So incredibly rude. The service was HORRIBLE. The place was gross, to a point where I questioned whether the food was sanitary.  Also, when I used the restrooms there were NO PAPER TOWELS OR AIR DRYER AVAILABLE!

I think this place needs to somehow get on the show RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE!



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