First Impressions: Rimmel Lash Accelerating Serum & Mascara (ScandalEyes Show Off)


Hey Everyone,

I went to Target two days ago & I picked up some much needed goods: thick black bikini bottoms, Diet Dr. Pepper, Rimmel Lash Accelerating Serum and Rimmel’s  Mascara (ScandalEyes Show Off).

I felt a little guilty purchasing the Rimmel Mascara, since, thus far, I have been extremely faithful to Maybelline’s Falsies Mascara.

But, lately, I have not been loving Maybelline’s Falsies. I realized that it is extremely flakey and drys hard/stiff on my eye lashes. Also, I found taking off the mascara to be burdensome & causing me to lose my eyelashes (hence the purchase of the growth serum)!.

My first impressions on the new mascara and serum:  I have not tried the mascara without using the serum first.  Applying the combination has led to the mascara being soft and not making my lashes look stiff. I do not think I get the same volume or length as Falsies, but maybe I have not learned how to apply it to it’s full potential, since I’m still figuring out the the best way to use the tip of the brush (it’s round, and apparently for lifting/curling).

Thus far, the serum is fine.  I obviously have not seen any changes in my lashes, but I have taken some before pictures of my lashes, so after 2 weeks and after 4 weeks I will update you guys on the results.



One comment

  1. Thank you for your feedback!~ I am going to get the serum but will wait for your update on the actual mascara. I have not had much luck in this department. I always used one specific Cinique mascara for as long as i can remember but it is not working as well since i have gotten older. I too have lost lashes and the “stay on,” or “waterproof” seriously takes my lashes off! I accidently bought Maybelline “The Rocket” as i did not realize it had a weird brush and normally use any good mascara with a fat puffy brush. Seems to work okay but it does clump. Will see how it works with the serum and will let you know! Thank you!~

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