Month: June 2013

24/7 Glide on Eye Shadow Pencil

Hey guys,

I love makeup! It’s unfortunate, that I ALSO love sleep. Usually, my love for sleep trumps my love for makeup, but this doesn’t ALWAYS mean that I show up looking half done for class, or work — but what it really means is that I buy products that are easy to use, and have nice holding/lasting power.

Today’s easy to use product is the URBAN DECAY 24/7 GLIDE ON EYE SHADOWS.

I originally bought this product on HAUTELOOK.COM (one of my favorite websites). It was $20 (I think) and came in 5 colors. My favorite colors in the set are the two brown colors, and “sin” (which is a light color).


I basically take the lighter color “sin” or “cowboy” in the inner one half of my eye lid, and the use the darker color on the outter half of my eyelid, use my index finger and blend them together in the middle. I get A 30 SECOND smokey eye!

I also go back and apply the lighter color to the bottom corner of my inner eye!


P.S. I basically do what this girl does in the youtube video, just incase you want to some help, or need some visual aid!

How to COPYRIGHT a Photograph!

Hey Guys,

Lately at work I have been dealing with the issue of COPYRIGHTING images. This daunting task, is actually FAIRLY SIMPLE.  I’m going to break it down for you—so get excited people!!!

  1. Take an original picture
  2. Read the instructions on the linked form below — it tells you EXACTLY how to fill it out!
  3. Fill out this form:
  4. Mail in the FORM w/ a $65 check! or FILE IT ONLINE!


If you have MULTIPLE pictures you’d like to copyright them but do not want to pay the fee for each  picture then:

  1.  For the title portion fill in “John Doe’s Collection of Animal Photography Volume 1”
  2. Under pervious names, name each photograph like “Zebra”,  “Zebra in love”, etc.,
  3. Attach the image, if you’re sending it online (jpeg)
  4. Fill out the rest of the form the same way!

Good Luck!

P.S. I am NOT  lawyer, nor do I hold myself out to be one. I am just an overly excited law student who loves fashion, food, mainstream culture, Islam, family and friends!

How to style curly hair!

Hey guys,

Being an Indian girl has it’s pros and cons, and hair is definitely one of those PRO/CON areas. I love my Indian girl hair, because it’s so malleable. For example, I can quickly curl it, and I’ll get awesome curls, or I can take 10-15 minutes to straight my whole head for finesse straight hair. Unfortunately, there are some pretty big cons too, I ALWAYS have to style it, or else I get left with frizzy hair. Humidity and rain is my hairs worst NIGHTMARE!

I’m constantly looking for ways to tame my locks in a limited amount of time. I found this video by Mimi last night and decided to give it a try this morning, and I LOVED IT.

I did alter her instructions a tad:

(1) I did NOT use pomade (because I do not own any)
(2) I added 5-8 curls using my wand (I added the curls on the top layer, and around my face)
(3) I used Moroccanoil (love this stuff & I use it RELIGIOUSLY after I wash my hair)

Give it a try and tell me how you liked it! Also, tell me if you altered the instructions a tad as well.

Maxi Dresses in Rural SC


In the picture above, I’m visiting my best friend (who just finished her first year at Medical School)! We went out with her Medical school friends to celebrate her classmates birthday. The school is located in rural SC, so we hit up a local bar. We knew we didn’t want to look club-y, but that we still wanted to wear dresses and be girly-sophisticated.

I’m seriously obsessed with MAXI DRESSES!  I would wear one everyday– if I had more than three! Unfortunately, I am still building my collection. I purchased this maxi dress  from Urban Outfitters this past fall! I bought it for $30 or $35.  It was originally $80, and I some how wait and waited until I couldn’t wait any longer….and made the purchase. I have worn it at least 5-6 times since purchasing it. It’s great for all sorts of occasions. It’s casual, yet dressy (especially when I wear chunky heels with it). There is a slit in the front that comes up to my knees for a little leg exposure.  My black bag is from Forever21 & I’m wearing kitten heels from Nine West!

My best friend is  wearing a tribal short dress from Forever21. She purchased the dress in May of 2012 for $25?  It’s an awesome dress, since she has worn it to a plethora of occasions.  Her bag is Tory Burch, and she is wearing  black sandals.

See you soon!

Party Bus – ATL

Party Bus - ATL

This past weekend I took a party bus with some friends! It was AN incredibly fun weekend. Although, I did NOT want to use this blog to discuss my life or things that I do socially —I’ll purposely slip up JUST once.

We first took the party to FOX BROTHERS BBQ.
If you haven’t heard of FOX BROS BBQ, it’s seriously the best BBQ in ATL. I absolutely love the food and the service is AWESOME! I got the FoxBros Burger, with a side of Mac n Cheese & (the award winning) Chili!

After dinner, we went to Flip Flops. Flip Flops is a College esq. bar, they play awesome music upstairs and downstairs, but upstairs is where the party is AT. Everyone is dancing, and enjoying the DJ –who, by the way, DOES NOT TAKE REQUESTS. The dance floor is small, and the upstairs gets extremely packed by 12!

NEXT, we went to COSMO LAVA. Cosmo Lava, has a dress code, so NO flip flips allowed BROS. Cosmo Lava has a million different dance rooms, which is cool, but overwhelming, since everyone ends up in different areas of the massive club. So it’s hard to keep track of what is going on, and where everyone is! It’s great for a wide variety of people, races and music! It’s truly an eclectic joint!

OOTN: As you can see we went to completely different venues through out the entire night, so I wore white shorts, and a coral linen shirt. The shorts are from Arden B. and the Linen shirt is from J. Crew. I decided to pair it with some light arm candy, diamond studs, & NUDE kitten heels from NineWest (to make sure that my attire would be night time appropriate, and not look way TOO casual). The purse i’m wearing is just a plain black messenger bag from Forever 21 (I LOVE the bag, I’ve had it for around a year now, and it’s awesome, I wear it more than any of my other 20 purses–it goes to show, a simple black bag can go a long way!)

Laws we Love: False Weather Reports

I love funny laws! I’m just intrigued by how some laws made it to the books, and how other laws are so important, but, tragically, rarely used!  Here are some interesting laws I came across today while at work!
18 U.S.C.A. § 2074
 § 2074. False weather reports
Whoever knowingly issues or publishes any counterfeit weather forecast or warning of weather conditions falsely representing such forecast or warning to have been issued or published by the Weather Bureau, United States Signal Service, or other branch of the Government service, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ninety days, or both.

Summer Fest: VaHi


This weekend I attended Virginia Highland’s Summer Fest.  It was a blast!  I wore a white skater dress (Urban Outfitters) w/gold  sandals (Guess) & a Tory Burch messenger bag.

The friend on the right is wearing a shirt from Brooks Brothers & Ray-Ban sunglasses!