How to style curly hair!

Hey guys,

Being an Indian girl has it’s pros and cons, and hair is definitely one of those PRO/CON areas. I love my Indian girl hair, because it’s so malleable. For example, I can quickly curl it, and I’ll get awesome curls, or I can take 10-15 minutes to straight my whole head for finesse straight hair. Unfortunately, there are some pretty big cons too, I ALWAYS have to style it, or else I get left with frizzy hair. Humidity and rain is my hairs worst NIGHTMARE!

I’m constantly looking for ways to tame my locks in a limited amount of time. I found this video by Mimi last night and decided to give it a try this morning, and I LOVED IT.

I did alter her instructions a tad:

(1) I did NOT use pomade (because I do not own any)
(2) I added 5-8 curls using my wand (I added the curls on the top layer, and around my face)
(3) I used Moroccanoil (love this stuff & I use it RELIGIOUSLY after I wash my hair)

Give it a try and tell me how you liked it! Also, tell me if you altered the instructions a tad as well.



  1. i have really wavy/frizzy hair and Moroccan oil is indeed amazing! i alternate between that and argan oil. keeps my hair frizz free throughout the day 🙂

    — lystra

  2. I also love any oil-based things for my hair! I use the Curly Girl Method as well, which is no shampoo, and my hair has been SO much more manageable. I don’t have to worry about humidity or bad hair days at all anymore, which is awesome!

  3. Where did you get it from? I’m definitely interested in switching things up. Right now I use Nexxus, and I think it does a great job, but I feel like it could do something more, or something better to help me battle the humidity.

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