24/7 Glide on Eye Shadow Pencil

Hey guys,

I love makeup! It’s unfortunate, that I ALSO love sleep. Usually, my love for sleep trumps my love for makeup, but this doesn’t ALWAYS mean that I show up looking half done for class, or work — but what it really means is that I buy products that are easy to use, and have nice holding/lasting power.

Today’s easy to use product is the URBAN DECAY 24/7 GLIDE ON EYE SHADOWS.

I originally bought this product on HAUTELOOK.COM (one of my favorite websites). It was $20 (I think) and came in 5 colors. My favorite colors in the set are the two brown colors, and “sin” (which is a light color).


I basically take the lighter color “sin” or “cowboy” in the inner one half of my eye lid, and the use the darker color on the outter half of my eyelid, use my index finger and blend them together in the middle. I get A 30 SECOND smokey eye!

I also go back and apply the lighter color to the bottom corner of my inner eye!


P.S. I basically do what this girl does in the youtube video, just incase you want to some help, or need some visual aid!


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