Month: July 2013

Bocado: The Best Burger In Atlanta


Craving a burger? If so, I suggest you hit up Atlanta’s hippest joint: Bocado. Located near 10th and Howell Mill Rd., this restaurant and it’s burger were recently featured on Atlanta Eats, where they divulged details on how they make their burgers so darn good!

What to order: Bocado Burger w/ seasoned fries.

Bocado is a trendy joint. They have outdoor, indoor and bar seating. Complimentary valet (who I think scratched my car!) and a nice service staff (our waitress was lazy, or maybe Bocado was understaffed for Saturday night dinner — but she failed to make appropriate rounds as far as refilling our cups with water, or asking us how we were doing!), but the other service people (like the bar tenders) all seemed nice and even said goodnight as we exited the restaurant.

What to wear: I would dress on the trendy side.

Ladies: if you wear heels or pleather leggings you’ll be fine. I would NOT dress clubby, or in a t-shirt and sweats (you will be out of place).

Gentlemen: Leave your suit jacket in the car, and leave your rainbows at home. Look nice, after all this is a trendy venue. A v-neck, polo, or collared shirt should be fine. Absolutely NO basketball shorts or tank tops.

Have you been to Bocado? Did you love it? Leave a comment — let me know!


Korean Dumpling Soup

Hey Friends,

I am obsessed with dumplings they’re so yummy, and make such an easy snack! You just throw them in a steamer or microwave them.

So recently, after purchasing some frozen dumplings from Trader Joe’s, I reflected on my childhood and this amazing soup I had at my korean best friend’s relatives house (shout out to Lena). I soon began to crave the soup & all I knew about it was that it was a dumpling soup. After doing a basic google search, I found a recipe that seemed easy enough to mimic and seemed to be on track with what I thought I had that “cold” California day as a child.

Here is a link to the recipe!


First, I heated up some sesame oil, and then added onions and garlic.


Then I added beef broth!Image

I added red pepper flakes!Image

I added thinly sliced mushrooms.Image

After it came to a boil, I added the dumplings and let them cook in the broth for 8 mins, and then I enjoyed the soup!

I hope you give this recipe a try! It’s really good and RIDICULOUSLY easy!


Eats On Ponce

Eats On Ponce

Have you been to Eats on Ponce? Well if you’re near the Ponce / Highland area and only have $10, I suggest you give this scrumptious joint a visit!  I went here with my boss  the day before Ramadan started and I LOVED it!  I definitely want to go back!  I ordered the famous EATS Jerk Chicken (awesome), with a side of mac n cheese (good), corn bread (sadly — not as moist as I would like it to be)  and collards (good).

At Eats you can also get an assortment of pasta, where you pick the pasta, the sauce and the vegetables etc. I would definitely check out the menu if you’re looking for a new casual and quick lunch joint or a quick home made dinner on the go!


Taqueria Del Sol!

Hey Friends,

Last night my Iftaar consisted of Taqueria Del Sol (TDS)! OMG. If you live in or near Atlanta you really need to go to TDS. It’s one of my favorite quick & cheap mexican places, and the food never fails.  Some of my  personal staples are the:

Roasted chicken enchiladas with the beef red chili, the corn and shrimp soup, the fish tacos, and this turnip green side they offer (which is cooked in a chicken broth, and has a nice kick to it).


(Featured: the roasted chicken enchilada, shrimp and corn soup & turnip greens)

I have been going to TDS for over 5 years now- at least since 2009! My sister first took me to TDS when I was in college, and we use to go to town on the queso. I do not drink, but my friends tell me that they love the margaritas. It’s a family friendly place, PERFECT for dining with a platonic friend — seeing as no one will have to fight for the check or awkwardly ask to split the check (you pay at the counter when you order).

Have you been to TDS? Do you love it? Did you love it? What are you favorite mexican places in ATL? or Your favorite dishes at TDS?


Urban Decay: Naked 2 Palette

Hey Friends!

So yesterday after work I checked the mail and guess what arrived? The nude palette I ordered from — and guess what palette I received? THE NAKED 2 PALETTE!


When I ordered the palette, I figured it was the Naked 2 palette, seeing as the ordering of the colors, brush and packaging were the same— but still I was a TAD hesitant, so it was a complete relief knowing that I received the Naked 2 Palette.


As you remember from a past post, I purchased the palette for $21!  A little bit of me thought the deal was too good to be true….but as it turns out — it wasn’t!


I am incredibly excited to watch a bunch of tutorials on the Naked 2 Palette. Do any of you have a favorite YouTube tutorial? If so, please link it below in the comments!

P.S. I checked out today to see if the “nude palette” was still available and I could not FIND it, if you find it, please feel free to drop the link in the comments below!

An Irish Iftaar: Marlay House

I love shepherd’s pie! Unfortunately, a lot of the places in Atlanta that serve shepherd’s pie mix the meat with some sort of pork, which as you know I cannot eat. So a week ago a friend suggested I try Marlay House’s shepherd’s pie, since it was all beef—OMG it was SOO good! I loved it. The Marlay’s House menu has a great mix British pub food w/American favorites, and the atmosphere is true to it’s roots with a lot of rich wood work all around the venue.  Any how, I decided to break fast with a special they were serving & my friend ordered the shepherd’s pie (we went family style with our meals) and we both loved it! 


The Sunday night dinner special: Beef pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, gravy & vegetables.

IMG_1066Shepherd’s Pie!

IMG_1068Oh yeah! We got dessert — a hot walnut brownie w/caramel and vanilla ice cream


Can you tell how much I loved it?

The Official Ramadan Post

Ramadan Kareem (Happy Ramadan).

Growing up I always failed to appreciate Ramadan, but now, as each year goes by, I realize how special Ramadan is.  Personally, it’s a time where I  have to prioritize my interest  for a higher-being; after a long day of fasting, I have to pick and choose people I want to talk to, or activities I want to engage in — and it truly helps give me perspective in other areas of my life.

Another reason I appreciate Ramadan more and more each year is because it gives me the ability to relate to those who may be less fortunate  — although fasting during the summer is HARD, it reminds me that  men, women and children go hungry even during the summer months and being able to relate to their feelings of being deprived of food and water is something that stays with me all year— it helps me relate to their emotions, thoughts and sentiments. I think being able to relate to someone is a powerful characteristic and reminds of the Artistotle quote:

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

I feel like to entertain a thought, you have to relate to it, and Ramadan gives me the ability to relate to feelings of being hungry & thirsty, and it helps me realize how much a single drop of water would be nice during a hot Georgia day.

Any how, I have gone completely off tangent. I wanted to blog about things I’ll be eating during Suhoor (pre-dawn meal)  and Iftar (post dawn meal)  that will help sustain me throughout the day!

During Suhoor I have been enjoying smoothies! In the smoothies I put blueberries, raspberries, half a banana, a spoon of sliced almonds, a spoon of walnuts, spinach, half a spoon of cinnamon, ice cubes, the Tazo chai mix and milk.  I also try my hardest to drink 12 oz of water and drink juice or coconut water! Along side all of this, I always make room for a hard boiled egg or two. The hard boiled egg truly makes the biggest difference in allowing me not to feel hungry through out the day (I only eat the egg whites, since I’m not a fan of egg yolk)!

For Iftar I eat what ever my heart desires (I tend to go the healthy route) and I drink a ton of fluids!

Last Sunday I made a Sicilian Chili Beef Ragout. I actually found the recipe while I was watching TV, and thought it would be a fun iftar/dinner for the evening.

my kitchen is halal

Stirring the sauce in my “My Kitchen is Halal” apron. I bought this apron from Shujaa’s BBQ. The revenue Shujaa’s receives from the aprons is put towards their Hajj Trip! They are more than half way there!


Pasta tossed with olive oil and parsley.

ragout sauce

The ragout sauce is simmering.

final product ragout

Sprinkled parmesan on the finished product!