Enjoying Nature: Amicalola Falls

Hey Everyone,

Happy Forth of July weekend! I hope you all had a safe and festive time! My Fourth of July was filled with TONS and TONS of rain, but that did not stop me and my friends from grilling out, or enjoying the LENOX SQUARE fireworks (luckily the rain calmed down for an hour or so). 

The next day I headed to the North Georgia Outlets with some friends, and after some light shopping, we took a spontaneous trip to Amicalola Falls!  Amicalola Falls is one of the seven GA wonders and at 729 feet, it is the tallest cascading waterfall in the Southeast

 I absolutely loved our spontaneous trip.  I, unfortunately, was not dressed for a hike, or stairs, but, nonetheless, powered threw it while wearing sandals (not recommended), a dress (not recommended), and a bathing suit (not recommended–since you cannot swim there!). 


At Amicalola Falls you can essentially walk up and down the length of the waterfall!  There are a total of 600 stairs to climb up if you’re starting from the bottom!



Here is view of how many stairs you will have to climb! 



A view from the top of the water fall! 


Making our hike up towards the center of the waterfall! 


It’s important to drive safely! Here is a car crash that the park has preserved! 


Another view from the top! 

I hope you guys can make it down/up to Amicalola Falls! If you’re planning on going I have a few tips:

  1. Wear sun screen
  2. Pack a water bottle
  3. You do not need a towel, the waterfall mist will not drench you
  4. Wear something light and breezy 
  5. The trees will help you keep cool during a hot summer day, or help you keep dry during a rainy day (helped keep us dry!)
  6. Wear extremely comfortable shoes with a good grip
  7. Bring a camera
  8. Bring a light snack
  9. You can park at the bottom of the waterfall, the center of the waterfall or the top of the waterfall!  
  10. If you want to go trout fishing then you have to have a license! 
  11. Remember to bring $5 for parking! 

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