The Official Ramadan Post

Ramadan Kareem (Happy Ramadan).

Growing up I always failed to appreciate Ramadan, but now, as each year goes by, I realize how special Ramadan is.  Personally, it’s a time where I  have to prioritize my interest  for a higher-being; after a long day of fasting, I have to pick and choose people I want to talk to, or activities I want to engage in — and it truly helps give me perspective in other areas of my life.

Another reason I appreciate Ramadan more and more each year is because it gives me the ability to relate to those who may be less fortunate  — although fasting during the summer is HARD, it reminds me that  men, women and children go hungry even during the summer months and being able to relate to their feelings of being deprived of food and water is something that stays with me all year— it helps me relate to their emotions, thoughts and sentiments. I think being able to relate to someone is a powerful characteristic and reminds of the Artistotle quote:

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

I feel like to entertain a thought, you have to relate to it, and Ramadan gives me the ability to relate to feelings of being hungry & thirsty, and it helps me realize how much a single drop of water would be nice during a hot Georgia day.

Any how, I have gone completely off tangent. I wanted to blog about things I’ll be eating during Suhoor (pre-dawn meal)  and Iftar (post dawn meal)  that will help sustain me throughout the day!

During Suhoor I have been enjoying smoothies! In the smoothies I put blueberries, raspberries, half a banana, a spoon of sliced almonds, a spoon of walnuts, spinach, half a spoon of cinnamon, ice cubes, the Tazo chai mix and milk.  I also try my hardest to drink 12 oz of water and drink juice or coconut water! Along side all of this, I always make room for a hard boiled egg or two. The hard boiled egg truly makes the biggest difference in allowing me not to feel hungry through out the day (I only eat the egg whites, since I’m not a fan of egg yolk)!

For Iftar I eat what ever my heart desires (I tend to go the healthy route) and I drink a ton of fluids!

Last Sunday I made a Sicilian Chili Beef Ragout. I actually found the recipe while I was watching TV, and thought it would be a fun iftar/dinner for the evening.

my kitchen is halal

Stirring the sauce in my “My Kitchen is Halal” apron. I bought this apron from Shujaa’s BBQ. The revenue Shujaa’s receives from the aprons is put towards their Hajj Trip! They are more than half way there!


Pasta tossed with olive oil and parsley.

ragout sauce

The ragout sauce is simmering.

final product ragout

Sprinkled parmesan on the finished product!



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