Taqueria Del Sol!

Hey Friends,

Last night my Iftaar consisted of Taqueria Del Sol (TDS)! OMG. If you live in or near Atlanta you really need to go to TDS. It’s one of my favorite quick & cheap mexican places, and the food never fails.  Some of my  personal staples are the:

Roasted chicken enchiladas with the beef red chili, the corn and shrimp soup, the fish tacos, and this turnip green side they offer (which is cooked in a chicken broth, and has a nice kick to it).


(Featured: the roasted chicken enchilada, shrimp and corn soup & turnip greens)

I have been going to TDS for over 5 years now- at least since 2009! My sister first took me to TDS when I was in college, and we use to go to town on the queso. I do not drink, but my friends tell me that they love the margaritas. It’s a family friendly place, PERFECT for dining with a platonic friend — seeing as no one will have to fight for the check or awkwardly ask to split the check (you pay at the counter when you order).

Have you been to TDS? Do you love it? Did you love it? What are you favorite mexican places in ATL? or Your favorite dishes at TDS?



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