Bocado: The Best Burger In Atlanta


Craving a burger? If so, I suggest you hit up Atlanta’s hippest joint: Bocado. Located near 10th and Howell Mill Rd., this restaurant and it’s burger were recently featured on Atlanta Eats, where they divulged details on how they make their burgers so darn good!

What to order: Bocado Burger w/ seasoned fries.

Bocado is a trendy joint. They have outdoor, indoor and bar seating. Complimentary valet (who I think scratched my car!) and a nice service staff (our waitress was lazy, or maybe Bocado was understaffed for Saturday night dinner — but she failed to make appropriate rounds as far as refilling our cups with water, or asking us how we were doing!), but the other service people (like the bar tenders) all seemed nice and even said goodnight as we exited the restaurant.

What to wear: I would dress on the trendy side.

Ladies: if you wear heels or pleather leggings you’ll be fine. I would NOT dress clubby, or in a t-shirt and sweats (you will be out of place).

Gentlemen: Leave your suit jacket in the car, and leave your rainbows at home. Look nice, after all this is a trendy venue. A v-neck, polo, or collared shirt should be fine. Absolutely NO basketball shorts or tank tops.

Have you been to Bocado? Did you love it? Leave a comment — let me know!


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