Month: August 2013

Engagement Fun


My best friend and I are off to an engagement. She is wearing a white sari and I am wearing a deep orange salwar kameez.

In Christian weddings guests shy away from wearing white, likewise in Indian weddings I think guests should shy away from wearing red or maroon, since that is the bride’s color!

Lobster Roll Love

Prior to this meal, I had never had a lobster roll! So when I went to Boston for a week, three weeks ago it was definitely on my LIST! So I stopped by a local seafood joint in North Reading, MA and picked up this beauty!

A loaded lobster roll, slaw, fries & lobster bisque! Image


Underarm love?

The axilla, armpitunderarm, or oxter?  You get the point. Like most South Asian girls, I have black hair and tan (golden!) skin. My skin is ridiculously prone to scarring and I shaved, waxed & Nair-ed my underarms — so basically my underarms were pretty horrendous and super dark looking.


About one year ago a girlfriend told me about laser hair removal.  I was NOT immediately sold. I quickly remembered in 2007 having a college girlfriend getting laser hair removal on her chin — and it scarred and left burn marks! — No LASER HAIR REMOVAL FOR ME! But then this law school girlfriend showed me her underarms & I thought “Wow, I hate shaving and I currently HATE my underarms, I have NOTHING TO LOSE!” So I found an awesome and purchased my first laser hair package. Guess what? It was great!  I have probably shaved my underarms less than 10 times since I started my treatment (which I started a year ago), and currently love my underarms. The skin has lightened up and isn’t as scarred.

I think that before you go out and buy any sort of  or GroupOn  laser hair removal package, you should google the places listed or even try to visit them if they’re  near by! Make sure the place is clean and doctor run!  Ask around? Do they have a Yelp profile?! Read the reviews.

If you have any questions about laser hair removal, I would love to answer them!  Shoot me a comment!

Nuevo Laredo

If you’re ever craving Mexican and are IN or NEAR Atlanta, I suggest you listen to the hype and head on over to Nuevo Laredo. Nuevo Laredo has the BEST MEXICAN food in ATLANTA. I am serious.

The mounds of people waiting over forty mins for a fish tacos (my favorite), brisket tacos, enchiladas, tamales, etc., are not in line for the ambience or lackluster/understaffed service, but they’re solely in line for the authentic mexican food.


The fish taco, which is my personal favorite,  is made with an overflowing amount of salmon in each taco, the plate is about $15 and comes with two fish tacos, rice and beans.


Upon being seated, each table is greeted with some yummy bottomless salsa, my favorite hot sauce (Elyucateca), and fresh bottomless chips!

I hope you get a chance go to, definitely show up an hour before you actually want to eat, since the wait to be seated is always longer than expected — and please leave your young ones (6 and under at home).


South City Kitchen

Have you been to South City Kitchen?  I just went to lunch there with my boss and co-worker, and I LOVED it (sorry, but I have been loving all of the restaurants lately)!

My boss had been raving about it, and boy was he RIGHT!

Here are some popular items on there menu:

  • Fried green tomatoes
  • Buttermilk fried chicken (marinates for two days before being fried)
  • She crab soup

Here are pictures of our lunch:


I ordered the BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN garlic collards, smashed bliss potatoes, honey-thyme jusImage

My Boss ordered the CATFISH REUBEN Swiss cheese, country ham, horseradish slaw, Thousand Island remoulade, rye. He ordered a caesar salad, instead of chips, and the croutons were made of grits –something he really enjoyed!Image

SMOKED TURKEY CLUB arugula, applewood-smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, cane syrup-mustard, sourdough

It’s located near some of Atlanta’s hottest night life — the downside is they do not valet, and you have to pay to park (roughly $8) but they have great indoor/outdoor seating. During lunch, the atmosphere is business professional, so I would run a comb through your hair, and wear something appropriate.

Also, the wait staff was awesome.  Lately I have been going to great restaurants w/bad service , but luckily South City Kitchen has great food & service!

You’ll have to check it out & tell me what you think!