South City Kitchen

Have you been to South City Kitchen?  I just went to lunch there with my boss and co-worker, and I LOVED it (sorry, but I have been loving all of the restaurants lately)!

My boss had been raving about it, and boy was he RIGHT!

Here are some popular items on there menu:

  • Fried green tomatoes
  • Buttermilk fried chicken (marinates for two days before being fried)
  • She crab soup

Here are pictures of our lunch:


I ordered the BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN garlic collards, smashed bliss potatoes, honey-thyme jusImage

My Boss ordered the CATFISH REUBEN Swiss cheese, country ham, horseradish slaw, Thousand Island remoulade, rye. He ordered a caesar salad, instead of chips, and the croutons were made of grits –something he really enjoyed!Image

SMOKED TURKEY CLUB arugula, applewood-smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, cane syrup-mustard, sourdough

It’s located near some of Atlanta’s hottest night life — the downside is they do not valet, and you have to pay to park (roughly $8) but they have great indoor/outdoor seating. During lunch, the atmosphere is business professional, so I would run a comb through your hair, and wear something appropriate.

Also, the wait staff was awesome.  Lately I have been going to great restaurants w/bad service , but luckily South City Kitchen has great food & service!

You’ll have to check it out & tell me what you think!



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