Nuevo Laredo

If you’re ever craving Mexican and are IN or NEAR Atlanta, I suggest you listen to the hype and head on over to Nuevo Laredo. Nuevo Laredo has the BEST MEXICAN food in ATLANTA. I am serious.

The mounds of people waiting over forty mins for a fish tacos (my favorite), brisket tacos, enchiladas, tamales, etc., are not in line for the ambience or lackluster/understaffed service, but they’re solely in line for the authentic mexican food.


The fish taco, which is my personal favorite,  is made with an overflowing amount of salmon in each taco, the plate is about $15 and comes with two fish tacos, rice and beans.


Upon being seated, each table is greeted with some yummy bottomless salsa, my favorite hot sauce (Elyucateca), and fresh bottomless chips!

I hope you get a chance go to, definitely show up an hour before you actually want to eat, since the wait to be seated is always longer than expected — and please leave your young ones (6 and under at home).



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