Month: September 2013

Paris Hilton and Ferrets

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.48.21 PM


(Lets hope that owning ferrets won’t put Paris back in an orange jumpsuit!)

Growing up I really loved Paris Hilton! She was tall, beautiful, skinny & had a unique voice.

I know she is famous for being being a hotel heiress & for an obscene video, but hey, after being exposed she handled it graceful by  lifting her head and smiling for the camera. She didn’t let it phase her, and because of that — I sort of admired her. She reminded me that I could make stupid mistakes and still be confident.

Okay, so ….this leads to me to my next topic, I was casually surfing her instagram account (since I like her) when I noticed she posted this:

Awesome video right, but look a little carefully– I think I see two, yes TWO, ferrets.

Ferrets are currently illegal in CA:

Just to verify all of this, I emailed Angela Barlow, Webmaster, of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and here is a screenshot of how she responded:

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 3.44.13 PM

I absolutely LOVE playing detective. See you later!

Chinese Food: Chong Qing Hot Pot (Atlanta)


I was recently on Instagram when one of my friends posted an awesome picture of “hot pot.”  I soon googled it, and realized that I think I would LOVE it, so naturally I googled “Best hot pot in Atlanta” and this Yelp! review appeared:

Image(Beef Hot Pot)

I soon messaged some friends in hopes of tasting this foreign delight, and not to my surprise they also were excited to check it out.

We headed over to the venue late Saturday evening around 8ish, and it was in a Chinese Strip Mall next to a ViP Chinese Buffet restaurant.

Chong Qing Hot Pot is located in a food court and only accepts CASH. There is an ATM machine there, but it’s one of those machines that charges you a service fee.


(Lamb Spicy Hot Pot)

On to the food: I was lucky enough to try a sample of things since I ordered a variety of things with a few friends. We ordered a beef hot pot (not spicy)  and a lamb hot pot (spicy). Being the spice addict that I am I really enjoyed the spicy broth over the non-spicy broth. I tried dan dan noodles, orange chicken, & egg drop soup. All of it was good ….and all of it was, surprisingly, well priced (each item was under $10)!


(Dan Dan noodles)


(Chili Chicken –actually not sure what this is!)

I will definitely go back to this food court and I will definitely sample some of the other Chinese food vendors in the food court too — specifically the Chinese BBQ vendor!


Have you been here? If so, what did you think?

Falafel King: Favorite Emory Food Joint

There is something about a chicken/lamb/beef shawarma craving that makes me just RUN over to Falafel King.  I love it! I am serious, I love it so much that during the summer I PLACED a FK ban on myself, since I knew I abused my FK privileges during my second year at law school, but as soon as my third year started I just had to run over to FK to grab my favorite dish: The Chicken Shawarma Plate w/ two stuff grape leaves and fried chicken dumplings!


Doesn’t this look amazing?  Another part of FK that I love a lot our the two condiments on all the table: a spicy mayo (I think) & Sriracha.

Another aspect of FK that I love is the fact that it is run by a cute Korean couple!  The Wife definitely wears the pants in the relationship, since she is in charge of giving the right amount of chicken.

If you’re near the Emory area, Falafel King is the funny looking building near Chipotle, Zoe’s Kitchen and diagonal from the University’s bookstore.


Spaghetti w/ Meat(less)balls: Quick Lunch!

A quick lunch is up my alley. The other day I made spaghetti with meat(less)balls.  I thought I’d share my recipe, since I’m currently obsessed with it!


  1. Parmesan cheese (I used the Kraft brand reduced fat parmesan)
  2. Garlic powder 
  3. 1/2 of a small red onion (diced or minced)
  4. Ragu: sautéed onions and garlic pasta sauce 
  5. Spaghetti 
  6. Olive oil
  7. Salt/pepper to taste
  8. Red Crushed peppers (I am indian after all)
  9. Morningstar Meatballs
  10. Spinach 

I honestly don’t have strict measurements, I eyeball the ingredients and sauce. When eyeballing just remember you can always ADD more salt, peppers, sauce or red chili flakes, but you can’t reduce it once you’ve put it in (so be conservative, while you’re trying to figure out the proportions you like)!

I made this dish for one.

  1. Pre-heat the oven for the Morningstar Meatballs (cook according to directions)
  2. I boiled with oil and salt about 1/4 or 1/6 of a package of spaghetti (cook according to directions)
  3. After the spaghetti cooked, I drained the pasta and just left it in the strainer. In order to not wash a million pots and pans, I used the boiling post and put some olive oil it in
  4. Keep the stove on medium heat
  5. Then I added the minced red onions once they were a little translucent, I added spinach (healthy addition)
  6. While the spinach was wilting I threw in some salt, peppers, garlic powder and chili flakes.
  7. Mix the ingredients, and after a  minute, add the Ragu sauce. I like my pasta saucy so i used 1/3 of the sauce. When the sauce is hot and you see a bubble turn the heat to LOW. 
  8. The meatballs should be done by now!
  9. Throw the meatballs in
  10. Throw the spaghetti in
  11. Give it a nice twirl and serve 
  12. Garnish with parmesan 

Tell me what you think!


Aretha Frankensteins

Aretha Frankensteins

Have you been to Aretha Frankensteins? What did you think about it?

I found the service to be poor, the food to be okay, the wait to be too long, and the venue to be understaffed.

The options were subpar& the most raved about menu item, the biscuits, were not available (ahhh) — due to the oven being broken for over 4 weeks.

The home made apple butter was awesome, but still — it’s the only winning aspect of the whole experience.

Sorry Aretha, but next time I visit Chattanooga you will not be on the bucket list!

Easy Bistro

Have you been to Chattanooga?  Do you live in Chattanooga?

Well if you leave near, in or are visiting the lovely TN town I suggest you give Easy Bistro a visit. I recently went there, and seriously LOVED THE FOOD. The ambiance was relaxing and trendy, and the seating was perfect! Easy Bistro is centrally located and parking wasn’t a problem. They have outdoor and indoor seating, the outdoor seating all face the street (great for people watching) and you can see the TN aquarium from the restaurant. Also, after you’re done dining, going for a stroll is definitely required if the weather permits, since the TN river  is about two blocks away, behind the aquarium.  Here are some pictures of what we ordered:


Orecchiette Pasta with Poached Scallops, Shrimp & Lobster w/ oven-Dried Tomatoes & Saffron Cream


Sautéed Coral Cod (Hawaii)  w/ Crispy Vidalia, Mixed Long Beans, Local Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado



Another shot of the pasta I ordered. Easy Bistro did not skimp on any of the seafood, and it was cooked to perfection!


Appetizer:  P.E.I. Mussels with Grilled Crostini


Have you been to Easy Bistro? If so, what did you think & what did you order?

Also are you planning to go soon: it’s perfect for a classy girls night, birthday dinner, anniversary dinner & celebratory dinner!

What should you wear: look nice (duh). For the gentlemen, I would stay away from wearing jeans or “shorts”, slacks and/or khakis would be appropriate. For the Ladies: take out your cocktail dress, take your heels, you can definitely dress up for this one!

Love: Chicken Quesadillas

Being in school & making a fresh dinner do not go hand in hand all the time, but last night after coming back from the gym, and, having only a few ingredients on hand, I decided to try out Laura’s chicken quesadilla recipe — and I seriously loved it! It was truly simple, and required NO PREP work!

I do not know Laura, but I love subscribing to her, she has so many great recipes on her YouTube channel! I’ll try to review all the recipes I make, and tell you how I’ve manipulated them.


P.S. Just made this for lunch, except this time I made a little change. I wanted to add black beans in to make it more filling (and so I could add less cheese). In order to do this I took a can of organic black beans which were in water (NO SALT), drained them and then cooked them on  medium heat for 5 mins. I seasoned them with garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, & chili flakes (you could use a forth of a packet of taco seasoning).  After mixing it all together I placed the contents into  my magic blender with 4 tablespoons of salsa and pureed it!  Next, I placed 2-3 spoons of the mixture on my tortilla and spread it out with a knife,  then placed my chicken and cheese on it & heated it over the stove for 2 mins on each side on medium  heat (just make sure the cheese has melted)! Viola — it’s DONE!

I hope you love this quick & healthy addition to the recipe!



Western and Atlantic Railroad

Western and Atlantic Railroad

I love being a tourist in my own state/neighboring state! I seem to always take for granted all the little gems that are near by — luckily I know someone who is well acquainted with GA history, and history in general (visit:, so it’s always a blast when they take me along for the ride.

We visited Western and Atlantic Railroad Chetoogeta Mountain Tunnel. I decided to tap into my inner Bollywood star and pose!

Now on to my outfit for the day (OOTD):  I’m wearing a white cotton sleeveless button down from H&M (probably $12?), bright coral shorts from J. Crew ( probably $20), a Missoni inspired cuff from Forever21 ($9), & tan suede oxford shoes from Express ($25).