Month: October 2013

Antico Pizza


OKAY THE HYPE IS REAL: Antico’s is ridiculously good! I wish I had more to say. . . . . for all the people that drink it’s BYOB. Dress code: w/e you want. Atmosphere: loud, you wait in a line, order, pay, hawk the tables, find a spot SIT DOWN IMMEDIATELY, and wait for the server to find you with your pizza.

Parking is a little crazy — so just park on the street or the adjacent lot behind it and to the right if you’re facing the front entrance of Antico.

Location: 1093 Hemphill Ave. Atlanta GA 30318

Phone Number: 404 724-2333

Tell me what you think!

Cafe Alsace

Have you been to Cafe Alsace? I recently went there and I ordered the lunch special, which was a crepe filled with lamb, feta and grains(?) with a side of a mushroom (cream based) soup. Yum.


I enjoyed my meal (not the best meal — but still yummy) and I loved the soup  (I’m a sucker for soups).


  • hole in the wall joint
  • intimate
  • perfect for lunch
  • owner had pretty blue eyes, was polite and nice (also has an accent- LOVE)


  • one person working the room.
  • had to wait a considerable amount of time until my glass was refilled w/water
  • did not inquire about what I wanted to drink

What should you wear when dining for lunch:

  • don’t wear your gym clothes
  • don’t need to dress up
  • don’t wear stilettos
  • midtown attire would look odd here!
  • sun dress, business casual, or school clothes

Venue great for:

  • first casual date
  • cheese platter with girlfriends
  • latte’s with mom or dad

Makeshift Jaeger Schnitzel

One of my friends  loves schnitzel, so this past Thursday and I told her to pop on by for a quick dinner — and guess what I made? Jaeger Schnitzel.


Ladies, friends and lovers — if you’re having family over, cooking for a best friend or even date night and you’re not very good at cooking this is  A GREAT recipe for you! It seriously takes 15 mins from start to finish, and if you don’t have time to marinate just fire up the pan & cook away!


  1. Package of sliced mushrooms (you can slice them yourself if you want)
  2. olive oil
  3. half spoon of butter
  4. one large egg
  5. italian bread crumbs
  6. parmesan cheese
  7. two chicken breasts
  8. red chili flakes
  9. garlic powder
  10. light brown gravy mix
  11. mashed potatoes (i cheated and bought the kind that you heat up)


  1. sauté the mushrooms in olive oil on low heat and make sure each slice of the mushroom is directly touching the pan (do this until you see that they’re soft and tender – low heat)
  2. make the gravy mix according to the packet
  3. heat or make mashed potatoes
  4. THE FUN PART: take on chicken breast and put it between two big pieces of parchment paper and flatten it out using a a pan or use a rolling pin, get it SUPER thin!
  5. then take out to plates
  6. on the first place just break an egg and whisk it
  7. on the second plate take all of your dry ingredients and mix it. use half a spoon of the chili flakes and garlic powder (you can skip this if you want) but you definitely need to mix the bread crumbs and parm!
  8. Pat dry the breast, then dip it in the egg wash, and then drench it in the bread crumb mixture
  9. make sure your pan is medium hot and warm olive oil  (enough oil to coat the pan and place the half teaspoon of butter) once melted put one of your chicken breasts in the pan and pan fry away (should take 3 mins on each side)
  10. after your done pan frying it just assemble everything on to a plate


I promise— you can muck up this recipe, the only way you could do that is by burning the chicken or any of the ingredients — and hopefully you’ll love this recipe as much as I did!

Help: Steaks!

SocialiteFashion will be doing her FINAL grill this Sunday! I have one question: I bought 2 organic strip steaks — how long should I marinate the steaks for if I’m using pineapple juice, along with soy sauce, red & white wine, garlic and onion?  I’ve already purred the mix, and the meat is currently soaking in the marinade —- is 24 hours good? or is it WAY too long?

Restaurant Shout Out: Rosebud

Loved my experience at Rosebud. The waitress was incredibly kind, along with the supporting staff. I ordered the crab cake benedict soft poached eggs, remoulade & hollandaise and my friend ordered fried oysters & grits (w/o bacon & extra oysters for my Kosher/Halal friends), benne seed chicken gravy & poached egg.



Both items were good. Not giving this place 5 stars, since I thought the potatoes were TOO salty (over seasoned) and the benne seed chicken gravy was a tad to tart and sweet. I’d give it 4.5 stars. I’m definitely going back — also definitely ordering a side of grits, since they were perfect!


This place is trendy so dress up. Ladies feel free to wear a maxi when the weather is hot. Fellas please no graphic tees, or punk-ish street wear — I would stick to khakis and a polo or jeans and a plain v-neck — feel free to dress business casual!

Ben Nye

I recently jumped on the Ben Nye: Banana Powder band wagon  – and THANK GOD I did!

I’m obsessed with YouTube tutorials — you guys know that. So naturally after watching 30+ beauty tutorials, I realized that these bloggers were on to something, and that I definitely needed to check it out!

When I googled the product, I realized that I was not splurging at all, since this item is less than $20, and you get a TON of product! I soon headed to ULTA to purchase this beauty and found out that — ULTA does not sell Ben Nye! They redirected me to a costume make-up store called Norcosto, and I soon headed over.

When I finally arrived at Norcosto, I quickly asked the associate where the Ben Nye Banana Powder was and she pointed to the wall that was apparently right in front of my face. I GRABBED IT.

……but I can’t go to a makeup store without trying out new products, so yeah—I bought a few more fun products.

I bought this awesome technicolor Ben Nye Eye Shadow — I love it, so sheer and I love what the color does depending on where the light hits it, it’s multidimensional and fabulous — it’s like a Bare Mineral loose eye shadow, with out the Bare Mineral price.

I also bought a Ben Nye setting spray — and WOW. It worked. After a long night of dancing and sweating– my make-up stayed in tack. I even splashed water on my face post clubbing and NONE OF MY MAKE UP SMEARED.

Needless to say, I love my Ben Nye products. They’re reasonably priced and you get a good amount of product with each purchase.

P.S. As an Indian girl translucent powders are great but can make me look ashy, and recently I was using my Bare Minerals translucent powder heavily under my eyes, and I wasn’t to pleased with the finish I was getting, so I’m happy that I no longer have to do that — since I’m strictly using the Banana Powder as my under eye setting powder!

Brunch: Poor Calvin’s

This Sunday I went to Poor Calvin’s located at 510 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308.


Poor Calvin’s is an American-Thai Fusion restaurant and on Saturday and Sunday they do a fusion brunch as well. Unfortunately, Poor Calvin’s website expired, so I can’t post a link to their website: but I can post some pictures of what what I ordered/devoured!  I was lucky enough to go with a good friend and we did relationship perks, which means we both ordered our favorite dish (in this case– the one item that looked the most appealing) and split them!  So naturally for brunch we ordered something sweet and savory (yummmmmm).

In this situation, my friend Mavara and I were on the same page for our two favorite items on the menu:

Sweet item: Thai Crepes: Strawberries, Nutella, Thai Roti, Green Tea ice cream, berry glaze and fresh cream!

IMG_1577Savory:  Crab Cake Benedict with Kale mashed potatoes, a poached egg, and yummy sauces dressing the plate with other garnishes!


I hope you can check it out. It would make me incredibly sad if such a great venue closed down.

Easy Enchiladas

I was in the mood for Enchiladas the other day, and I only had a handful of ingredients on me– but luckily all the right ingredients to make vegetarian-black bean- enchiladas!

I found the recipe here:

I did not have corn, so I just made the recipe as stated with out it — and I still loved it!

Here are some pictures:


I enjoyed my enchiladas with a  avocado relish dish! Super easy to make I cut up an avocado, some tomatoes, onions, garlic, and half of lemon (i wish i used half of a lime instead) salt, pepper, garlic powder and one fresh diced jalapeño! Put in the in fridge for 30 mins and enjoy with anything!!! (An avocado relish!)

ImageI was tooooo lazy to put the bottom one in the oven, so I made just like the ones up top, except I microwaved this plate for one minute with the enchilada sauce (I loved it just as much)!ImageTry this recipe out! Tell me what you think! It’s SOOOOO EASY, and generically good! I promise you’ll love it