Ben Nye

I recently jumped on the Ben Nye: Banana Powder band wagon  – and THANK GOD I did!

I’m obsessed with YouTube tutorials — you guys know that. So naturally after watching 30+ beauty tutorials, I realized that these bloggers were on to something, and that I definitely needed to check it out!

When I googled the product, I realized that I was not splurging at all, since this item is less than $20, and you get a TON of product! I soon headed to ULTA to purchase this beauty and found out that — ULTA does not sell Ben Nye! They redirected me to a costume make-up store called Norcosto, and I soon headed over.

When I finally arrived at Norcosto, I quickly asked the associate where the Ben Nye Banana Powder was and she pointed to the wall that was apparently right in front of my face. I GRABBED IT.

……but I can’t go to a makeup store without trying out new products, so yeah—I bought a few more fun products.

I bought this awesome technicolor Ben Nye Eye Shadow — I love it, so sheer and I love what the color does depending on where the light hits it, it’s multidimensional and fabulous — it’s like a Bare Mineral loose eye shadow, with out the Bare Mineral price.

I also bought a Ben Nye setting spray — and WOW. It worked. After a long night of dancing and sweating– my make-up stayed in tack. I even splashed water on my face post clubbing and NONE OF MY MAKE UP SMEARED.

Needless to say, I love my Ben Nye products. They’re reasonably priced and you get a good amount of product with each purchase.

P.S. As an Indian girl translucent powders are great but can make me look ashy, and recently I was using my Bare Minerals translucent powder heavily under my eyes, and I wasn’t to pleased with the finish I was getting, so I’m happy that I no longer have to do that — since I’m strictly using the Banana Powder as my under eye setting powder!


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