Month: December 2013

Farmwork wasn’t…

Farmwork wasn’t so bad after you got used to it. I understood what my stepfather meant when he said there was dignity in all work.

I’m reading a book called “It Makes Me Wanna Holler” by Nathan McCall. Understanding how race can impact behavior and attitudes is an excellent tool in relating to people and understanding where their frustration/anger comes from. It also enables me to reflect on my own life, feel grateful for the things I have, and respect & admire those who work hard (no matter what profession they are in).

Recent YouTube Subscription!

There are SO many beauty vloggers out there — like a ridiculous amount. My favorite vloggers are the ones that really take a lot of time and care into learning the art of making professional looking videos.

All of the effects really amuse me – and I love it when they speed up basic processes. I hate it when they talk forever, although sometimes I enjoy learning more about them.

Teni is my new favorite beauty blogger. I originally started following her, since I was in the market for a new Indian beauty guru who has a similar complexion to me — that way I could wear the same colors as her without wondering if it will suite my skin tone.  I love gurus like Bethany Mota & Michelle Phan –BUT my skin tone is no where near theirs, and my eyes are different: so some of the eye shadow techniques or looks are NOT for me. I have an olive-yellow-ish undertone with a medium/warm complexion (basically I’m a goldish brown color),  I have some serious dark pigmentation under my eyes (so concealer is an essential item in my routine), & I already have big eyes– so I don’t need techniques to make them bigger, or else I’ll look like a walking indian anime doll.

I love more natural looks and everyday glam, as opposed to just CLUB glam, because with law school, everyday glam is more important than club glam (seeing as I rarely “go out” and my now I find myself grab lunch and dinner with good friends).

Teni is great. She isn’t indian, but she is great. She might be two/three shades lighter than me, but her undertone is the same (I think). She is beautiful, she takes care of herself, and is truly a beauty vlogger I feel like I can trust.

I hope you get hooked to her — not a fan of SONA, seeing as she despises the smell of curry – RUDE. I should unsubscribe from SONA, but some of her looks are cute too, and minus the whole curry ordeal, she is okay too, but not as good as Teni!

Who are your favorite beauty vloggers?!

Great Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here! I love getting people gifts that I know they’ll love, gifts they need, and gifts that will make their life a little easier. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend there is one key rule: BE ROMANTIC.

Being practical is great, and you can definitely get her something practical while being romantic at the same time:

  1. Jewelry. Doesn’t have to be real or expensive –adding a personalized touch will definitely add sentimental and romantic points! has some great items that are incredibly affordable and will “WOW” her and maybe even drop a few tears of happiness!
  2. Holiday Pack. You could put something practical in this holiday pack, and make it sentimental by adding a mug with pictures of you two (
  3. Practical items. Does your GF hate shaving, get her a laser hair treatment package long with flowers and pictures of you both, or bake her something!
  4. Plan A Special Night. This goes along with the practical gift, if you’re going to get her something practical make it a little romantic by cooking her dinner & lighting a few candles, bring some flowers along, or  a sweet treat!
  5. Personalized anything. Personalized gifts are by far my favorite — if you get her something, or if you have to mail her something, personalize it —  it’s such a small detail that will really make her feel incredibly special.
  6. Goes with Jewelry: A watch. You can personalize this, and she will actually use/wear it most days — if she needs it and likes it!
  7. Purse. Do you know that your GF wants a specific purse? If so, get it and stuff it with candy and other goodies or just sweet little notes about things you like about her!
  8. Animals. One of my guy friends JUST told me he was getting his GF a puppy! Omg, how cute! Disclaimer: getting your GF a puppy is symbolic for other reasons — a commitment in the near future is actually going to happen!
  9. Sweater or Sweatshirt. with a little perfume roller, candles, nice lotions or creams!
  10. Something that you thought about diligently. I’m sure she will love what ever you pick out. If you put time and effort into it — she will appreciate it. On that note, don’t be lazy — gift cards are okay — but there needs to be something sentimental attached to it!  Don’t be that guy. . . . . . .

Good luck & remember the best gifts are not the ones that cost the most,but the ones with the most meaning behind them.