Great Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here! I love getting people gifts that I know they’ll love, gifts they need, and gifts that will make their life a little easier. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriend there is one key rule: BE ROMANTIC.

Being practical is great, and you can definitely get her something practical while being romantic at the same time:

  1. Jewelry. Doesn’t have to be real or expensive –adding a personalized touch will definitely add sentimental and romantic points! has some great items that are incredibly affordable and will “WOW” her and maybe even drop a few tears of happiness!
  2. Holiday Pack. You could put something practical in this holiday pack, and make it sentimental by adding a mug with pictures of you two (
  3. Practical items. Does your GF hate shaving, get her a laser hair treatment package long with flowers and pictures of you both, or bake her something!
  4. Plan A Special Night. This goes along with the practical gift, if you’re going to get her something practical make it a little romantic by cooking her dinner & lighting a few candles, bring some flowers along, or  a sweet treat!
  5. Personalized anything. Personalized gifts are by far my favorite — if you get her something, or if you have to mail her something, personalize it —  it’s such a small detail that will really make her feel incredibly special.
  6. Goes with Jewelry: A watch. You can personalize this, and she will actually use/wear it most days — if she needs it and likes it!
  7. Purse. Do you know that your GF wants a specific purse? If so, get it and stuff it with candy and other goodies or just sweet little notes about things you like about her!
  8. Animals. One of my guy friends JUST told me he was getting his GF a puppy! Omg, how cute! Disclaimer: getting your GF a puppy is symbolic for other reasons — a commitment in the near future is actually going to happen!
  9. Sweater or Sweatshirt. with a little perfume roller, candles, nice lotions or creams!
  10. Something that you thought about diligently. I’m sure she will love what ever you pick out. If you put time and effort into it — she will appreciate it. On that note, don’t be lazy — gift cards are okay — but there needs to be something sentimental attached to it!  Don’t be that guy. . . . . . .

Good luck & remember the best gifts are not the ones that cost the most,but the ones with the most meaning behind them.



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