Month: February 2015

Google Searches.

So this past weekend, I found out some INCREDIBLY exciting news. Someone near and dear to me was tying the knot! I am absolutely on cloud nine for them. Unfortunately, at the same time, I also feel really vulnerable and cheated. I keep on thinking, wow, I can’t believe this person didn’t tell me, I can’t believe I had to find out through the grape vine. It was actually incredibly distressing. It actually struck some sort of emotional chord, that just wouldn’t stop strumming. I tried to Google the issue, to  try to find comfort in knowing that this happens, “its normal,” but alas, a Google search just turned up weird things like cheating boyfriends, etc. LOL.

I began to think more and more about it. I began to think about how I was so open and free about sharing personal details of my life with this person, I never thought once about editing myself or restricting myself when talking to them, because I assumed our relationship was as such. I am learning in life, the incredibly hard/emotionally taxing way, you can’t make assumptions in life. YOU JUST CAN’T. I kept on thinking about how after finding out such news, I should have been so elated, focused on them, instead I just felt vulnerable and manipulated.

But I am realizing, the dividends of relationships, and the mathematics behind it. I want to engage myself in relationships that make me feel happy, that are open & honest. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that expect to get what I put in out of the relationships I hold. They’re a two way street.

Some may say, “Well, you shouldn’t expect things out of your relationships, you should just give freely because that is how relationships and love work.” Although I do agree with them, my counter to that is: You can just give and give, because at some point you’ll be taken advantage of. I want to be around those that value the same things I value: I value you reciprocity & honesty. The comfort of having good friends is knowing that when you need them they’ll be there, not that when they need you- you’ll ALWAYS be there and never vice versa.

In this scenario, I think about taking off from work to attend this wedding, and I think – is it worth using my vacation days on someone that didn’t value being honest with me when I asked about details of their life, after divulging details of my own life? Is it worth my vacation days to attend a wedding for someone who is attempting to convince me that they did not have the ability to tell me due to a third party (this one irks me the most, because I absolutely hate it when people fail to take ownership of their mistakes)? It is something that I’ll have to consider when I decide to make some sort of decision.

Going back to September of this year, I think about a close friend of mine going on a pilgrimage, and I made her a list of things to pray about it, and this was one of them: I prayed this person would meet someone really special, because they are special. I have no doubt in my mind my prayers were answered, so that makes me feel really happy.

I find solace in knowing my prayers were answered. I find happiness in knowing that this is what is causing me sadness and not someone dying of cancer, having my heart broken, or just having a shitty job.

Food for thought I guess.  I hope this posts helps someone, because these sort of weird things, apparently, happen, and now if it happens to you – you can Google it!

Weight Watchers

Sometimes you watch a Weight Watchers (“WW”) ad and  you think they’re so freaking cheesy or …”yeah right…” but a while ago I actually watched one that I loved. I am attempting to DIET, but by diet, I mean engage in a healthier lifestyle.

For example, if I want a pannini – I’ll get half of one, and now get a small side salad. Trying to make healthy decisions is sooooo hard, but I am realizing you are the decisions you make – and they show. I want to be someone with a disciplined attitude that cannot be provoked and has control over my emotions. So I think showing myself that I can have control over my the food I eat helps me establish the fact that I can also exert control in other areas of my life as well.

I digress. I guess- every time I find myself making a smart decision, I find myself quoting the ad in my head “What will you gain when you lose?” For me -it’ll be discipline and control.

What will you gain when you lose?


Hey Beauty Gurus, Beauty Bloggers and Addicts,

I have a feeling I want to purchase one of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes, but I am so confused  by which one to purchase?

Do any of you have a favorite? I tried the first one and LOVED IT, but here is the thing the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar has an amazing color selection as well. I do not want to purchase both, since my life as a lawyer is not TOO exciting, and I feel like the colors are very similar so it would be like buying the same thing twice, but they are different enough for me to warrant a request by you to determine which one I should purchase!

Please help!

The Georgia Bar Is Under My Belt

(I WROTE THIS POST THE DAY AFTER I TOOK THE JULY 2014 GA BAR. I didn’t want to jinx myself – so I decided I’d post it, if I passed  – and THANKFULLY I did. I hope the advice is relevant and you can learn from my mistakes. Also, hard work is a great way to get over hard luck – I PROMISE)

Hey Friends,

I took the Georgia Bar this past Tuesday and Monday. I thought I would blog about my experience so you could learn from my mistakes and, also, learn things that I did right!

First, PLEASE fill out your character and fitness forms during the first week of November. Do it during the weekend. Just do it. You will save $400 by turning in the required materials prior the early registration date. $400. Not $4, but $400.

Second, once you know for sure you are taking the Georgia bar, GET A HOTEL ROOM. (click on this link to get one that is walking distance to the testing site).

Third, pay for your bar class. You will definitely need a bar class, just pay for it already. Try get the most bang for you buck by trying to get all of those deals they offer.

Fourth, study. So here is the thing with the bar, you literally get 2 months to study for it At the beginning you feel like you have a world’s amount of time — but here is the thing — you don’t.  70 days left will soon dwindle down to 3, 2, & 1. I’m not saying to spend 8-6 hours studying. I’m saying, go to the library with our outline book, and make flashcards for half of the outline everyday, or a third of the outline!  When you go to the library, do not bring your laptop or your cell phone. Just your book, get it down. NO DISTRACTIONS. Study with a friend — sit near a friend — just don’t spend your whole day talking to them, bring ear plugs.  Have a plan.

Fifth, remember to read sample essays on the GA Bar website! Writing the essays is very formulaic. “The issue is ______. The law in GA is_______. Analysis.”

Sixth, just relax, and enjoy your evening and meals. I ate out A LOT during bar prep, primarily because it allowed me to be social and meet up with friends. Try and be healthy about it (I wasn’t — and it shows LOL). Work out with friends or after bar prep.

I wish I had more advice for you, but the bar is just about studying, learning the law. Don’t buy a THOUSAND things to help you study or read a thousand of blog posts about passing the bar: you’re just wasting time with more stuff, and you’re probably  going to feel incredibly overwhelmed. These bar classes are thousands of dollars, I promise they contain all of the material you will need to help you pass the bar.

Favorite Matte Lipstick: Sephora Collection- Color Lip Last

The MAK Guide

Hey Friends,

I’m probably sure I have posted about this earlier, but I seriously have a favorite matte lipstick brand, and it is something I’m sure your eyes have glossed over while you made your routine Sephora trip: Sephora Brand- Color Lip Last Collection ( My obsession started when I purchased the Pure Red and then continued with my next purchase of a color whose name I cannot remember, and then with my latest purchase of Burgundy Spirit (which, by the way, was sold out for 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!).

The reason I love these colors and this collection is because the colors go on vibrant, and literally stay on all day. I mean 9am – 3pm at least. I also like them because they do not run, and they don’t end up on my teeth like other products.

I’ve tried other matte brands like Revlon/Covergirl, and my main issue…

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Don’t make me BLUSH: Tarte Pin up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush Palette

tarte palette

Hey Friends,

For my Birthday (which was a while ago) a friend purchased this beautiful Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush Palette. I do not own too many palettes, just a few eye palettes, so this was an awesome addition to my collection! Prior to the addition of the Tarte Palette I owned: Bobbi Brown “Spice,” BareMinerals “ French Kiss” & a Stila “Coral” pH Blush. I definitely did not own an overwhelming amount, but I had some good options for an everyday look & an evening look.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.33.49 PM

One aspect of blush that I never considered could be displaced, was the fact that the blush I would wear at 8:30am was gone by 12pm (with or without primer)! I never considered it a problem; it was just a fact of life.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.37.11 PM

So now getting back to this Tarte palette, as I said, a friend got it for me for my birthday, naturally when she gave it to me, I HAD to swipe it on- even if it meant wearing an intense pink blush while hiking–which was exactly the case here. I took my blush brush and swiped the color I wanted and began dabbing it on my cheeks.

WELL FOR STARTERS, ummm.. I guess I have a heavy hand, but this little dab ended up being a lot – so  a very light hand is needed to get the optimal amount (SCORE)!

Second, the color payoff was amazing! I love the way it looked on my skin tone, making this palette an incredibly South East Asian friendly!

Third, so as I said before, I literally wore blush on a hike, hours later we had a photo session and the BLUSH was still on and still looking good!

I love makeup and I obviously love blush. I think it is a very rare occasion that I apply makeup without using blush, like very, VERY, very, rare occasion. Ever since I was gifted this palette, I honestly can’t remember where I placed the other blushes – so that is very telling about how much I love this palette. I hope you can get your hands on one and I hope you can try it out. I realize that it may be sold out now, but hey Amazon –Ebay could lead you to this awesome palette.

Peace & Love