Month: March 2015

The Chocolate Bar Palette

I finally purchased the CHOCOLATE BAR PALETTE about a month ago, so I thought I’d do a little review. I LOVE IT! Yes, I love it. Sometimes I’ll put it on and the fallout will hit my mouth, and –yes I can safely confirm it does taste like chocolate. Score.

I wish they had one more champagne-y color option, but they only have one & I wish the pink color was another color I could actually use (literally my only cons).

Now here are my pros:

  • Almost all of the colors are usable.
  • The Palette is DESI girl friendly!
  • I’ve worn the colors in the palette to work (I work at a midsize law firm – business casual approved)
  • I’ve worn the palette out Friday night, on a date & to brunch.
  • The browns are awesome, and I think I have the potentially of “hitting pan” with at least 4  of the colors.

This palette’s lack of champagne colors, has almost convinced me to buy the Naked 3.

I will be purchasing this for my sister (her birthday is coming up)!!!

I wish I had more cool things to say, but I’m a little on the quiet side today.

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