Taking the MISSOURI BAR?

Don’t feel that great about it, since I am working a full time job and I have about 50 other excuses up my rear,but that being said – they are excuses. SO PRAY FOR ME WORLD.


Above portion written on 7/21/17.

Post edited below on 10/7/2017:

I passed. Thank God. I always like to put my tips and tricks on what I did just in case I have the possibility of assisting someone else during this mentally gruesome period in your life, that is also referred to as “studying for the BAR”.

So I did roughly 1000-1200 questions. I did every single EASY question and most hard questions and half of the medium questions.

In retrospect I wish did all of the MEDIUM QUESTIONS & all of the HARD QUESTIONS, because there were basically NO EASY QUESTIONS ON IT.

For the essay portion this is what I did:

I looked at the question – thought about it on my own for like a 2-5 minutes (reflected). Then jumped into the answer. I looked at how the answer was given, how the rule was dropped in and how the analysis was tied in.

I would look at ALL OF THE ESSAYS. Why? Because looking at the essays means you are also learning the rules for the MBE portion. Two-for-One = my favorite.

I didn’t really watch all of the videos. I did watch many of them. I did read the book to just like understand certain rules I repeatedly got wrong or wanted to know more about (because sometimes you’ll want to know how a lawful search works).

I passed with spare points. I can practice laws in all the states but Alaska.

Peace & Love.




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