Do people write love poems to their lovers? Is this a thing?

Well my husband and I wrote each other poems. They aren’t at Maya Angelou level, but they are much sweeter to me, since they were written from my heart and to my heart ūüôā

From my husband:

“oh maheen joe, don’t you know


that you are the one for me.

with every breath that i breathe

i think about our kisses


and that you are my misses


and you keep me warm


and every morning i am torn


when i have to leave


but i still think about you, with every breath that i breathe”



Here was my poem:

“to my joe
my favorite saqib joe
Allah blessed me the day you stepped into my life
and i became your wife
everyday i smile
even though work is bile
because with you by my side 
I don’t have to hide
kiss me my joe
my saqib joe
I am yours forever 
in the hereafter 
and with so much laughter
i love you saqib jho.”¬†





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