Month: December 2017


SuperSoul Sunday’s remind me that faith is designed to help you deal with the most troubling situations in the most dignified manner. You should never use faith as your cave, i.e. sitting at home and praying all day, because then your faith has not served you.

Instead your faith should help you lead a confident life, knowing that you may encounter a challenge when you leave your home, but your faith will help you overcome your challenge, and help you grow in the face of any challenge.

As you may know, but I am a believer. I believe in one God, and that the final messenger is Muhammad, peace be upon him. My husband and I have a lot of conversations about faith. We do not always agree. This is tough, because I am one of those girls that belives that sharing my faith is apart of sharing my love. If you refuse to accept my faith, then you have refused my love. He obviously does not refuse to accept my faith because we are both muslim, but we differ in how we view the faith.

He views it from a more dim place, where for me it is bright place. He also views me as cherry picking my favorite aspects and ignoring the parts I dislike [he isn’t entirely wrong], and I view him as fixating on the uncool things, and not understanding the bigger picture [I am also not entirely wrong].

When he sees a hijabi with make up on he sees an oxymoron. LOL, whereas I see a girl trying her best to mix her love of beauty with her love for religion. I want to encourage her and support her, whereas he wants to call her out on the walking contradiction that she is: “if you don’t want to grab the attention of men – why do you have so much make up on?”

I am no angel – I really am not.  I  get worked up over the SMALLEST things, my heart is INCREDIBLY unforgiving at times, and, I have owned a series of trashy Forever21 dresses, which should have been labeled as “tunics”, not dresses. I still love to dance, I love getting ready and baby – I will drink up the attention from a crowd like  I had never had water before and just ran a marathon.

That being said, my view on religion and life is that it’s supposed to guide you when you’re lost, help you soften your heart when it’s filled with hate, and also help you appreciate everything you have, because if you fail to appreciate the things you have – everything can be taken away. I do not believe that God intended us to be perfect, because if God did then God would have never created “mistakes”. I believe that mistakes will be made & are expected to be made, but you just have to do more good, and learn from the mistakes, and everything will be fine, as long as you add more value to this world, you’ll get your promotion when you leave this life.

I do a bad job regularly praying, and this past year because of studying for the Missouri Bar, I only fasted once. I love all of the rituals and practices of my faith, even though I am not regularly practicing them, but, although, scholars may disagree, I feel like  God and I – we are still good, because my heart and my intent, and the way I live in my life is done out of love for my faith and my creator.

I wish more messages and conversations about faith  occurred more regularly. I feel like more good can come of it, as long as we are open to accepting other peoples view, and not intimated by discovering who is right and who is wrong, or intimidating others by our notions of what is right and what is wrong. Although my interpretation, to me, is superior, and his inferior, I need to learn to hear him out, and understand that we don’t have to see eye to eye, as long as he is guided by principals I respect, I should not get upset or mad if he interprets situations differently than me. I just need to live my truth, and he needs to live his truth, and we both cannot let each others truth try to control the others truth.   A lot of truths in there – sorry about that. Through a healthy push and pull, we will end up learning more about our faith, and the principals we want to accept and live by.

I am really not sure why I wrote in the first place – but I love writing, and drawing light to issues and dilemmas that are personal to me. I try to live an honest life, and I yearn for people to learn from my mistakes, so that they do not have to relive a lesson I have already learned, because my motto is: ” if I can learn it, you definitely can too!”

Peace and so much love,