Brazilian Blowout!

I recently got a Brazilian blowout (June 28).  I was a little bit skeptical about it, but after about 3 hours at the salon getting the treatment and about 60 hours after my initial hair wash at the salon – I think I MAY BE A BELIEVER. For example:

I woke up with morning at 8:06 am.

Out of the shower around 8:23 am (at least that was when I checked my phone).

Blow dried my hair around 8:36.

At 8:43 I realized I needed to put clothes on and LEAVE Immediately.

8:52 am out of the door.

9:06 am I was at the office with my laptop on.

My hair was about 85% dry when I entered the office. I just looked at myself in the mirror at around 2:15 pm, and I am happy with it! This RARELY happens. I’ve never been one of those girls with awesome hair straight out of the shower or one of those girls that could blow dry it for a few mins and feel awesome but with the hair treatment (as it currently is in my hair) I am totally one of those girls.  Although, I am incredibly happy with the immediate results, I’ll have to wait and see if it is just as effective 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 weeks from now.

I’ll try to keep you posted on how the result looks at certain future intervals. If the effects on my hair lasts until Labor Day weekend, then I will definitely get it done again, if not then I will have to think a little harder about getting it to done as part of my hair care routine.






Underarm love?

The axilla, armpitunderarm, or oxter?  You get the point. Like most South Asian girls, I have black hair and tan (golden!) skin. My skin is ridiculously prone to scarring and I shaved, waxed & Nair-ed my underarms — so basically my underarms were pretty horrendous and super dark looking.


About one year ago a girlfriend told me about laser hair removal.  I was NOT immediately sold. I quickly remembered in 2007 having a college girlfriend getting laser hair removal on her chin — and it scarred and left burn marks! — No LASER HAIR REMOVAL FOR ME! But then this law school girlfriend showed me her underarms & I thought “Wow, I hate shaving and I currently HATE my underarms, I have NOTHING TO LOSE!” So I found an awesome and purchased my first laser hair package. Guess what? It was great!  I have probably shaved my underarms less than 10 times since I started my treatment (which I started a year ago), and currently love my underarms. The skin has lightened up and isn’t as scarred.

I think that before you go out and buy any sort of  or GroupOn  laser hair removal package, you should google the places listed or even try to visit them if they’re  near by! Make sure the place is clean and doctor run!  Ask around? Do they have a Yelp profile?! Read the reviews.

If you have any questions about laser hair removal, I would love to answer them!  Shoot me a comment!

How to style curly hair!

Hey guys,

Being an Indian girl has it’s pros and cons, and hair is definitely one of those PRO/CON areas. I love my Indian girl hair, because it’s so malleable. For example, I can quickly curl it, and I’ll get awesome curls, or I can take 10-15 minutes to straight my whole head for finesse straight hair. Unfortunately, there are some pretty big cons too, I ALWAYS have to style it, or else I get left with frizzy hair. Humidity and rain is my hairs worst NIGHTMARE!

I’m constantly looking for ways to tame my locks in a limited amount of time. I found this video by Mimi last night and decided to give it a try this morning, and I LOVED IT.

I did alter her instructions a tad:

(1) I did NOT use pomade (because I do not own any)
(2) I added 5-8 curls using my wand (I added the curls on the top layer, and around my face)
(3) I used Moroccanoil (love this stuff & I use it RELIGIOUSLY after I wash my hair)

Give it a try and tell me how you liked it! Also, tell me if you altered the instructions a tad as well.

Sedu Curling Wand Review!


I LOVE my Sedu 1inch curling wand. LOVE, LOVE & LOVE. Here is a extremely quick pros and cons list.


  1. Heats up fast (like within 20 -30 secs!)
  2. Heat is maintained throughout the process
  3. Automatic timer (this is great for people like me, it automatically shuts off after a while)
  4. I have had for a year and half and it’s working PERFECTLY!
  5. I get long lasting curls


  1. Expensive. I bought mine from for $120!
  2. I wish it came with a storage bag or something
  3. You can get burned (but this is a risk you run with all hot tools near your skin)


There is only one way to really use it: wrap your hair around the wand. Through helpful youtube tutorials, and some of my own personal experiments, here is another technique for getting REALLY bouncy curls, as opposed to, just waves. You can: hold your hair after you release it from the wand OR you can clip the curl like the girl in this video:

Here, Mimi is using double prong clips, which you can buy here!

I love the clip technique: It really makes my curls hold, and I BARELY need to use hairspray! Through my personal experience, the hold technique, gives me longer lasting waves that are tad more defined.


I love Sedu! I have tried the Chi one inch curler (not the wand, but the traditional clip curler–which I, also, used as a wand) and the results were initially similar but the hold was NOT. The Chi curler was a $120 and stopped working after 1 year and 10 months! Total disappointment!

I own a Sedu straightener, which I bought around the time as the Chi Curling Rod, and the straightener is still working like new! I use it everyday or every other day. It has yet to show signs of distress or ailment, and I’m convinced that it will continue to work for at least another year or two! The fact that the straightener has been so awesome, alludes, to the fact, the Sedu Curling wand will probably be just as great.

Comment below if you love the SEDU or have tried other brands you’re completely in love with!