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Kendrick Lamar Concert


This weekend I went to a campus Kendrick Lamar Concert. I thought I would do a ROUGH outfit of the day. The girl in the middle (me) is wearing a black lace top and a black bandeau, with a black blazer, black pleather leggings, kitten gold wedges, & a statement necklace.

The girl to the right is wearing a mint top, with pleather leggings & chunky wedges.

I did NOT enjoy the concert. Kendrick was great, but unfortunately the crowd was mainly college kids, who unfortunately pre-gamed WAY to hard! My friends and I were crammed together, uncomfortable, and in the midst of a mosh pit. I had NO control over which direction my body went and holding my ground seemed impossible. It was so crammed, and there were so many people, that I took OFF my statement necklace for fear of accidentally being strangled by it.

My girlfriend in the mint, LOST her phone! She thinks she may have dropped it, and the tragic part is, there was ABSOLUTELY no way to pick it up if dropped due to the sheer amount of people at the event.


  2. Jewelry that will not potentially STRANGLE you!
  3. a LIGHT jacket (it was cold walking to and from the event, but hot in the middle of mosh pit)
  4. Shorts, Jeans, leggings. DEFINITELY NOT  a dress or skirt. The sheer amount of people means that everyone will be in your personal space. Don’t wear a dress/shirt They’re to easy to accidentally slide up, weird people  could violate you by putting a phone underneath your dress (this is HORRIBLE- and true story: one year when I went to a UNC halloween street party on Franklin Street, I saw drunk girls with their short costumes on, and I also saw sleazy guys, taking pictures up their dress as they walked by!)

If you do wear a dress or skirt, do NOT plan on entering the mosh pit!  Watch the concert from a comfortable place. A place where you’re NOT BEING shoved and pushed around!

Love the Artist

I love people that use artwork to make the world a better place.  Whether it’s a young straight man painting a house rainbow colored to support freedom of love, or another young man attempting to educate the masses on a, media stigmatized, peaceful religion. We often forget to praise those who do the smallest things to help make tomorrow a little brighter for everyone else.

I want to dedicate this post all of the artists- whether they are writers, painters, photographers, producers, videographers, etc., for helping bring change through the small victories.


OOTN: Flapper

I recently went to a 1922 Great Gatsby themed Casino Night.  Dressing up was optional, but I absolutely love themed events &  I had all of these items laying around, so yeah —  I, obviously, dressed up! I always like to stay more conservative when dressing up for Graduate school events. I’m at an age in life where your actions and attire speak about you as an individual. Dressing conservatively, can still be cute and this is a perfect example. The only part of my body which is exposed are my arms. I want my classmates and future coworkers to take me seriously when we are in class and/or working together in the future. I think upholding certain characteristics, even when you’re having fun, is key to branding yourself.


The dress is from Urban Outfitters ($50)

The tights are fleece lined from TJ Maxx ($10)

The shoes are Nine West ($60)

The headband is from Target ($8)

The feather is from Ann Taylor’s Outlet Store ($4)

The Pearl Necklace is from Forever21 ($5)

The Pearl Bracelet is from from a set of bangles from Forever21 ($7)

Are you a YouTube Star?

(I am not a lawyer & the statements below are NOT meant to be taken as legal advice!)

Are you a YouTube star? Do you plan on being one?

As many of you may know, YouTube is an amazing way to get yourself seen and heard to the masses. Big labels and production companies are well aware of a YouTube channel’s ability to garner fans and a stable amount of viewers (due to the ability to “Subscribe” to channels).

Unfortunately, I have this gut feeling that many of the successful channel’s, which are getting amazing opportunities to design their own shoe lines, or help promote certain brush brands, are under contract, & although the contracts seem very enticing and appealing, they are actually very one sided. By one sided I mean, the YouTube artist is on the losing end, while the production company or the corporation is on the winning end.

If you’re going to sign a contract for more than a year ( if the opportunity will last more than a year, DEFINITELY get it in writing), you should talk to a lawyer. You should also talk to a lawyer, if you consider the amount contained substantial or if the product could be viewed numerous times or through varying modes of media.

As stated before most of these contracts are one sided. I recently read this off of WestLaw and found it to be incredibly helpful:

      [An] entertainment company that wishes to engage talent on a new media production will attempt to acquire the maximum of rights for a flat fee (subject to the requirements and rights contained in the applicable union agreements). . . . [An] attorney must negotiate all of these deal points (royalties, reuse, compensation for exploitation through other mediums, gross/net-revenue definitions, payment terms, audit rights, etc.) and include them in the final agreement. In both cases, union and nonunion talent, creators and their representatives must think through the potential for future revenue streams and assess how their contribution should be valued. In many cases, the talent and/or creator will likely wish to remain involved should the program move from the Web to other media platforms, such as television, or a sequel be developed. © 2013 Thomson Reuters. No Claim to Orig. U.S. Govt. Works.

I know all of this must seem like a bunch of legal jargon, but  the main point is hiring a lawyer, although may seem expensive on the front end, will actually garner you more rights and more opportunities to collect profits from your artistic work. Also, if a company is going to use your fan base to sell their products, you should have the ability bargain the provisions of your contract fairly, with provisions that are favorable towards you, and that help you remain loyal to your fans.

I’m now going to end this post with videos from some of my favorite YouTube Channels!


Bethany is a perfect example of a YouTube star. She has a following and some of her videos have more than a million views. Her fans trust her, and I feel as if her ability to influence her fans is incredibly strong. 

Chriselle does an amazing job with each video.  Her success as a YouTube star has, in my opinion, lead to more faithful blog viewers, as well as helping expand her business as a stylist.  

The Smithsonian Channel: L.A. Frock Stars

I recently became addicted to this show. I absolutely love the vintage looks, and at times I feel like leaving law school and interning for this boutique.

Vintage clothing is very inspiring, since it gives you the option of dictating the “style” you like. If you go to your average department store you will realize that your ability to be creative is a little stunted. The creativity in current trends lies in how you wear the outfit & not in the actual garments you chose.

I sadly do not know who Linda Ramone is and I thankfully do not care, but I love the dress she chose for herself. The Victoria Royal is absolutely stunning. The show educates me on quality vintage brands. Who knows maybe I’ll learn enough to attend one of these expos and walk out with something amazing that is actually real!