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Maxi Dresses


My best friends visited me this memorial day weekend! I took them to them to this beautiful park. We love doing outdoorsy things, and we also LOVE getting dressed up– so this park was perfect for us! It had beautiful mini bridges and plenty of benches of us to sit and relax. The weather was perfect, and the trees were sky tall, blocking the hot Georgia sun.

My Maxi Dress is from Urban Outfitters. I LOVE IT! I have worn it several times since purchasing it. It’s extremely light and still very opaque. The little splash of neon makes it a fun dress for day OR night! I bought it for $25-$30 on sale this past OCTOBER!


OOTN: Flapper

I recently went to a 1922 Great Gatsby themed Casino Night.  Dressing up was optional, but I absolutely love themed events &  I had all of these items laying around, so yeah —  I, obviously, dressed up! I always like to stay more conservative when dressing up for Graduate school events. I’m at an age in life where your actions and attire speak about you as an individual. Dressing conservatively, can still be cute and this is a perfect example. The only part of my body which is exposed are my arms. I want my classmates and future coworkers to take me seriously when we are in class and/or working together in the future. I think upholding certain characteristics, even when you’re having fun, is key to branding yourself.


The dress is from Urban Outfitters ($50)

The tights are fleece lined from TJ Maxx ($10)

The shoes are Nine West ($60)

The headband is from Target ($8)

The feather is from Ann Taylor’s Outlet Store ($4)

The Pearl Necklace is from Forever21 ($5)

The Pearl Bracelet is from from a set of bangles from Forever21 ($7)

The First Post


A year ago, when I started law school, my business clothes were extremely frumpy and uncoordinated. I was not sure where creativity could be placed in my business attire. I wanted to feel beautiful, without pushing the envelope or taking attention off of my work product. Over the course of a year and a half, I have discovered that there is room for creativity.

I am pursuing law school and want to practice law in my future. While practicing law, I also want to run a blog about my fashion experiences as I move forward in my career. My advice  and styling techniques will remain appropriate and relevant for the young professional who wants to be taken seriously.

My continuous experiences at firms, government entities, business meetings, class and social settings, allow me to give you advice about styling and putting looks together for the more professional you. Nowadays everyone is a brand. I want to make sure that you are the best brand YOU can be!

I hope you enjoy my work.



P.S. I’ll also use this blog to talk a LOT about food!