Chris Brown Loyal

Who Does Chris Brown Think He Is?

Have you guys heard this song? If I were in college or in high school I would probably listen to this song guilt free, while bopping my head and loving it. Alas, I am not in those stages of my life. I am currently studying for the GA Bar: I am a little older, wiser & more mature.


1) TRIVIALIZES AN ENTIRE GENDER. I am shocked that these dudes would say such demeaning things about WOMEN! I am also shocked that they have 80 Million + views on their YouTube account. I know that slut-ifying women is a common aspect in Rap and Hip-Hop Videos but I guess the course and the whole theme of the song monetizes on calling women “disloyal” and “hoes.”

2) REAL WOMEN ARE IN THE MUSIC VIDEO! These woman are letting these dudes call them “Hoes”, “Disloyal” individuals &, blatantly imply that they are gold diggers. I can understand if these women are just trying to gain employment and if they’re trying to make ends meet, but if they, honestly, are financially stable and had the financial means to deny their participation, then I am seriously questioning their moral character.

3) WILLFUL CAMEO. Usher and Trey Songz made a willful cameo in the music video. I realize that women are actively chasing after these two hip-hop/rap stars, but did they ever think these women are just fans? Who wouldn’t want their superstar crush to give them attention? Shame on them for mistaking their fans admiration for being something deceitful. They should just imagine what it’s it is like being a fan? Can they imagine how special they would feel if they were a regular chick at one of these concerts and a hip-hop star that they admired picked them from a crowd and showered them with attention? Shame on them for taking advantage of their superstar position, and using it just sleep with a countless number of women, and not doing the due diligence to find someone that likes them for them and not for their superstar status. Don’t blame naive, star stricken, fan girls– BLAM YOURSELF.

4) THE MOST DISTURBING ASPECT OF THE SONG IS THAT CHRIS BROWN IS SINGING IT. He just hit Rihanna in the Spring of 2009 and now here he is (again) belittling women. I mean really? Can the court order him to not trash women or sexualize them or treat them like objects? PLEASE.

Done with my rant. I’m not trying to have you hate the song, just, maybe, realize how rude it is? and why/how society has made it so popular and so acceptable to hear a song that literally says “these hoes ain’t loyal”?