Summer Fest: VaHi


This weekend I attended Virginia Highland’s Summer Fest.  It was a blast!  I wore a white skater dress (Urban Outfitters) w/gold  sandals (Guess) & a Tory Burch messenger bag.

The friend on the right is wearing a shirt from Brooks Brothers & Ray-Ban sunglasses!


Maxi Dresses


My best friends visited me this memorial day weekend! I took them to them to this beautiful park. We love doing outdoorsy things, and we also LOVE getting dressed up– so this park was perfect for us! It had beautiful mini bridges and plenty of benches of us to sit and relax. The weather was perfect, and the trees were sky tall, blocking the hot Georgia sun.

My Maxi Dress is from Urban Outfitters. I LOVE IT! I have worn it several times since purchasing it. It’s extremely light and still very opaque. The little splash of neon makes it a fun dress for day OR night! I bought it for $25-$30 on sale this past OCTOBER!


Park Picnic!

I absolutely love picnics! They’re my favorite part of the spring and summer season.  I just went on one yesterday– the weather was in the high 70’s, a little windy, great company & not to crowded. I couldn’t have been any happier. We enjoyed drunken goat & manchego cheese, a baguette, curried chicken salad, & tiramisu!


All of the treats were from Alon’s!  The tiramisu was perfect: light, not to sweet, and an awesome mixture of flavors.


Wedges: NineWest. White jeans: Urban Outfitters. Top: H&M. Necklace: Forever21. Hat: Forever21. Sunglasses: Coach.


I hope all of you get a chance to enjoy the great weather. Also, Happy Memorial Day!


Forever 21 Friday

My love-hate relationship with Forever 21  has been around since I was 16. I am ashamed to say it, but I’m no longer 21, and I still stop at F21. I’m a little addicted, but mainly I’m a graduate student who wants to look cute.

I have a couple of issues with F21:

  1. The dresses  or skirts are usually TOO short
  2. Sometimes the styles are TOO tight for regular proportions
  3. The styles are TOO young.
  4. The accessories are cheap (ridiculously prone to breaking)
  5. The Fabric is cheap, hence rips easily or does not look the same after a wash.

The PROS however:

  1. I get to try trends, before I decide to splurge and deem it as a BASIC or STAPLE 
  2. I can get essentials ridiculously cheaply (White, Nude and Black tank top each run around or under $3.00)
  3. Sometimes you really do only wear a dress once.
  4. Sometimes you can find great designer knockoffs (like a Henri Bendel bangle)

Here are my top three favorite items:

Chiffon Shirtdress w/ Skinny Belt | FOREVER21 – 2022846036.

Essential Polo Shirt | FOREVER21 – 2021839556.

Colorblocked Single Button Blazer | FOREVER21 – 2040496027.

The Brunch Look


The blue top is from H&M, the pants are from some shop in Dubai, the shoes are NineWest and the necklace is from Forever 21. The maxi dress is from Express.


The dress to the Left is from Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. The dress to the Right is from Urban Outfitters & the belt is from H&M.

Some delicious brunch items I have recently consumed:


Highland Bakery


Brunch. I absolutely love it. I love it to the point where, instead of having a birthday dinner when I was 21, I decided to venture out and enjoy Birthday Brunch with my girlfriends.  Ever since then brunch has become a staple for my girlfriends & me. We always seem to dress to our nines, wearing maxi’s getting a little dolled up, because lets face it another woman can appreciate the hard work another woman puts in when getting dolled up.

I tend to be more conservative in my dress code, but that is because I would be embarrassed to step into a respectable establishment wearing an inappropriate sun dress. You never know what type of crowd you will be surrounded by. I would rather be safe, then sorry.  Remember YOU are a brand, you have to start tweaking and tailoring your image as soon as you figure out whom you want to be, and how you want to emulate that image ( I will dedicate a post on whom you want to be, and how you want to emulate the image, fairly soon–I promise).