Emory Law

Cafe Alsace

Have you been to Cafe Alsace? I recently went there and I ordered the lunch special, which was a crepe filled with lamb, feta and grains(?) with a side of a mushroom (cream based) soup. Yum.


I enjoyed my meal (not the best meal — but still yummy) and I loved the soup  (I’m a sucker for soups).


  • hole in the wall joint
  • intimate
  • perfect for lunch
  • owner had pretty blue eyes, was polite and nice (also has an accent- LOVE)


  • one person working the room.
  • had to wait a considerable amount of time until my glass was refilled w/water
  • did not inquire about what I wanted to drink

What should you wear when dining for lunch:

  • don’t wear your gym clothes
  • don’t need to dress up
  • don’t wear stilettos
  • midtown attire would look odd here!
  • sun dress, business casual, or school clothes

Venue great for:

  • first casual date
  • cheese platter with girlfriends
  • latte’s with mom or dad

Falafel King: Favorite Emory Food Joint

There is something about a chicken/lamb/beef shawarma craving that makes me just RUN over to Falafel King.  I love it! I am serious, I love it so much that during the summer I PLACED a FK ban on myself, since I knew I abused my FK privileges during my second year at law school, but as soon as my third year started I just had to run over to FK to grab my favorite dish: The Chicken Shawarma Plate w/ two stuff grape leaves and fried chicken dumplings!


Doesn’t this look amazing?  Another part of FK that I love a lot our the two condiments on all the table: a spicy mayo (I think) & Sriracha.

Another aspect of FK that I love is the fact that it is run by a cute Korean couple!  The Wife definitely wears the pants in the relationship, since she is in charge of giving the right amount of chicken.

If you’re near the Emory area, Falafel King is the funny looking building near Chipotle, Zoe’s Kitchen and diagonal from the University’s bookstore.


Laws Miserables

I unfortunately will NOT be updating as frequently as I would like for the next two and half weeks, but I promise, after law school finals, I will be UPDATING everyday! By watching this video you will understand my pain.

Also, I’ll be working for an Entertainment Lawyer this summer! If you need to set up talent contracts, or contracts pertaining to your website, your services, or acquiring other services etc., please feel free to contact me at TheSocialiteFashion@gmail.com I will try and put you in contact with the partner I will be working under!