Western and Atlantic Railroad

Western and Atlantic Railroad

I love being a tourist in my own state/neighboring state! I seem to always take for granted all the little gems that are near by — luckily I know someone who is well acquainted with GA history, and history in general (visit: Countytrip.wordpress.com), so it’s always a blast when they take me along for the ride.

We visited Western and Atlantic Railroad Chetoogeta Mountain Tunnel. I decided to tap into my inner Bollywood star and pose!

Now on to my outfit for the day (OOTD):  I’m wearing a white cotton sleeveless button down from H&M (probably $12?), bright coral shorts from J. Crew ( probably $20), a Missoni inspired cuff from Forever21 ($9), & tan suede oxford shoes from Express ($25).



Park Picnic!

I absolutely love picnics! They’re my favorite part of the spring and summer season.  I just went on one yesterday– the weather was in the high 70’s, a little windy, great company & not to crowded. I couldn’t have been any happier. We enjoyed drunken goat & manchego cheese, a baguette, curried chicken salad, & tiramisu!


All of the treats were from Alon’s!  The tiramisu was perfect: light, not to sweet, and an awesome mixture of flavors.


Wedges: NineWest. White jeans: Urban Outfitters. Top: H&M. Necklace: Forever21. Hat: Forever21. Sunglasses: Coach.


I hope all of you get a chance to enjoy the great weather. Also, Happy Memorial Day!


OOTD: First Day of Work!


I just started my summer internship at an Entertainment Law practice! The practice has represented entertainment like: Jagged Edge, Arrested Development, Cabbage Patch Kids, The Black Crows, & many more! It’s exciting to be learning about such an “entertaining” field!  I would absolutely love to negotiate contracts, on behalf of, people pursing the arts. I think that creativity is the key to any thriving & successful society, and being able to participate in protecting it –is a privilege.


My boss emailed told me to dress on the casual side –so I went for business casual. It was the perfect idea. I straightened my hair & parted it down the middle. I really wanted a clean-cut, but feminine look.


Blouse: Forever21 (I think –$20- purchased in March, 2013)

Skirt: H&M (I think $20?- purchased in 2012)

Belt: Forever21 ($4)

Shoes: Ninewest (featured before)

Bag: Aldo ($25-$30. 2012)


 I’m off to start my first day—- Bye!

The Rough College Clothing Advice List.

I, like any other American, LOVED college. I wish I could post pictures of my experience, but tragically they’re on another computer. I went out moderately, was involved, seemed to rarely have a minute alone, and always had plans for Friday & Saturday night.

I wish I knew some general advice for clothing maintenance when I started college. My mother, obviously, taught me how to use a washer/dryer, but she never really harped on other important maintenance and general clothing advice.

I have complied a list of ten useful things to know!

1. Try to rarely buy cotton garments from Forever21. They never seem to look the same after throwing them in the washer & never dry anything from there! It is annoying to spend $20 for a top your going to wear once or twice, the sheer tops are a good investment, since maintenance is easy and they never lose their shape (and you can throw those in the dryer)!

2. Try and rarely put your clothes in the dryer. The dryer will fade and contort the shape of your clothing and, specifically, jeans!

3. Rarely wash your jeans and when you do– wash them inside out.

4. Body Colored tank tops are a must with this sheer top trend, do not JUST wear your bra. It looks trashy, and when you take pictures with the flash on you can see the actual bra. I know you may think that showing your bra is cool, and although showing a little can be tasteful, playful & cute, it’s just like cleavage, a little is a hot and too much is trashy. (Would you want your kids to see you in your bra when when you’re 50 and rehashing photos from college? — I hope the answer is NO, and if it is yes, you probably need help.

5. Strapless bras! A good strapless bra is a must, I found an awesome one from Target from the brand Gilligan OMalley. The bra comes with straps you can take off, and they’re nicely padded for my flat chested friends. They are AWESOME. I have literally convinced all of my friends to buy one, and I, myself, have boughten three (one in each staple color). You do not need to buy one from Victoria’s Secret, which will run you $45 -$60, when you can purchase a dupe for $15- $18! Save some cash for buying another color, some more clothes, or SAVING $ for when you actually need it!

6. Buy tights from Ross, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Tights are so cheap at these places, and tights are a staple. Fleece lined tights and sweater rights are AMAZING for the winter!

7. Buy a nice, quality pair of riding boots. I bought boots in 2010 for $200. I was freaking out about spending that much, since that is the most I have ever spent on shoes! Last year I bought a pair of riding boots for $60. The $60 boots, true to form, got scratched up and the leather came off in in a few places, while the $200 boots looks brand spanking new! The $200 boots, were sold a year later at Marshall’s for $100 (I bought them at Nordstrom’s when they initially came out). The point is they lasted, and are still lasting, while the other are scuffed and old looking. Sometimes you truly get what you pay for!

8. Rarely buy things at Macy’s without a 20% of coupon. (I mean they mail those out like spam, so USE THEM!)

9. Macy’s clearance is awesome. I have snagged some awesome BCBG dress there for $30-$40! They are in awesome condition, and fit like a charm!

10. Buy your winter coat and favorite tall boots every January or February (you will snag an AWESOME deal). Train your eyes to spot timeless pieces.