Maddie sia

“Chandelier” by Sia

I was driving back from the gym 3 days ago, when I heard this song on the radio. I was immediately taken aback by a few of the lyrics, and I knew I wanted to YouTube the song, while also checking out the lyrics (since if you know me, I’m obsessed with lyrics & quotes).

My immediate impression of the song was enhanced by watching the music video. Maddie Ziegler (the dancer, who was featured on Dance Moms) does an INCREDIBLE JOB. Wow. The song goes into depth about a party girl, who is called for a good time, and apparently has invisible friends. She lives for today, “like tomorrow doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t exist.” A shallow existence, where she is exposed and doesn’t want to accept that tomorrow will arrive and that she will be alone. She puts on this act for everyone like a puppet.

At the end of the song, I basically feel bad for these “party girls.” I wish I could say I didn’t know any, but I think we all, tragically, know a few (or a few who has characteristics of the party girl described in the song).

I, obviously, really enjoyed the song, and, more so, the music video.