Naked Palette


Hey Beauty Gurus, Beauty Bloggers and Addicts,

I have a feeling I want to purchase one of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes, but I am so confused  by which one to purchase?

Do any of you have a favorite? I tried the first one and LOVED IT, but here is the thing the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar has an amazing color selection as well. I do not want to purchase both, since my life as a lawyer is not TOO exciting, and I feel like the colors are very similar so it would be like buying the same thing twice, but they are different enough for me to warrant a request by you to determine which one I should purchase!

Please help!


Urban Decay Naked Palette for $21?! (True or False)

Naked Palette for $21?! (True or False)

I just ordered this neutral palette from Half Off Depot. It looks   A LOT LIKE the Naked Palette from Urban Decay….. So in a few short weeks, I’ll have to take pictures for you guys and show you what finally arrived.