Gardein: Seven Grain Crispy Tenders (Meatless)

I was at Publix a week or two ago and came across these meatless chicken tenders. I’m a sucker for tenders, nuggets and wings, but for some odd reason, if I’m going to prepare frozen tenders myself, I would rather them be meatless, because I, frankly, great freaked out by the chicken used by the manufacturer (how old is this frozen product? was the chicken used all hormoned up? the list goes on and on).

Anyways, I sincerely enjoyed these vegetarian friendly tenders, and would definitely purchase them again! Two tenders amounts to 100 calories (I just had 5 for lunch– 250 calorie lunch for the WIN!)

I hope you check them out!

“Chandelier” by Sia

I was driving back from the gym 3 days ago, when I heard this song on the radio. I was immediately taken aback by a few of the lyrics, and I knew I wanted to YouTube the song, while also checking out the lyrics (since if you know me, I’m obsessed with lyrics & quotes).

My immediate impression of the song was enhanced by watching the music video. Maddie Ziegler (the dancer, who was featured on Dance Moms) does an INCREDIBLE JOB. Wow. The song goes into depth about a party girl, who is called for a good time, and apparently has invisible friends. She lives for today, “like tomorrow doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t exist.” A shallow existence, where she is exposed and doesn’t want to accept that tomorrow will arrive and that she will be alone. She puts on this act for everyone like a puppet.

At the end of the song, I basically feel bad for these “party girls.” I wish I could say I didn’t know any, but I think we all, tragically, know a few (or a few who has characteristics of the party girl described in the song).

I, obviously, really enjoyed the song, and, more so, the music video.


Who Does Chris Brown Think He Is?

Have you guys heard this song? If I were in college or in high school I would probably listen to this song guilt free, while bopping my head and loving it. Alas, I am not in those stages of my life. I am currently studying for the GA Bar: I am a little older, wiser & more mature.


1) TRIVIALIZES AN ENTIRE GENDER. I am shocked that these dudes would say such demeaning things about WOMEN! I am also shocked that they have 80 Million + views on their YouTube account. I know that slut-ifying women is a common aspect in Rap and Hip-Hop Videos but I guess the course and the whole theme of the song monetizes on calling women “disloyal” and “hoes.”

2) REAL WOMEN ARE IN THE MUSIC VIDEO! These woman are letting these dudes call them “Hoes”, “Disloyal” individuals &, blatantly imply that they are gold diggers. I can understand if these women are just trying to gain employment and if they’re trying to make ends meet, but if they, honestly, are financially stable and had the financial means to deny their participation, then I am seriously questioning their moral character.

3) WILLFUL CAMEO. Usher and Trey Songz made a willful cameo in the music video. I realize that women are actively chasing after these two hip-hop/rap stars, but did they ever think these women are just fans? Who wouldn’t want their superstar crush to give them attention? Shame on them for mistaking their fans admiration for being something deceitful. They should just imagine what it’s it is like being a fan? Can they imagine how special they would feel if they were a regular chick at one of these concerts and a hip-hop star that they admired picked them from a crowd and showered them with attention? Shame on them for taking advantage of their superstar position, and using it just sleep with a countless number of women, and not doing the due diligence to find someone that likes them for them and not for their superstar status. Don’t blame naive, star stricken, fan girls– BLAM YOURSELF.

4) THE MOST DISTURBING ASPECT OF THE SONG IS THAT CHRIS BROWN IS SINGING IT. He just hit Rihanna in the Spring of 2009 and now here he is (again) belittling women. I mean really? Can the court order him to not trash women or sexualize them or treat them like objects? PLEASE.

Done with my rant. I’m not trying to have you hate the song, just, maybe, realize how rude it is? and why/how society has made it so popular and so acceptable to hear a song that literally says “these hoes ain’t loyal”?

Love: Chicken Quesadillas

Being in school & making a fresh dinner do not go hand in hand all the time, but last night after coming back from the gym, and, having only a few ingredients on hand, I decided to try out Laura’s chicken quesadilla recipe — and I seriously loved it! It was truly simple, and required NO PREP work!

I do not know Laura, but I love subscribing to her, she has so many great recipes on her YouTube channel! I’ll try to review all the recipes I make, and tell you how I’ve manipulated them.


P.S. Just made this for lunch, except this time I made a little change. I wanted to add black beans in to make it more filling (and so I could add less cheese). In order to do this I took a can of organic black beans which were in water (NO SALT), drained them and then cooked them on  medium heat for 5 mins. I seasoned them with garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, & chili flakes (you could use a forth of a packet of taco seasoning).  After mixing it all together I placed the contents into  my magic blender with 4 tablespoons of salsa and pureed it!  Next, I placed 2-3 spoons of the mixture on my tortilla and spread it out with a knife,  then placed my chicken and cheese on it & heated it over the stove for 2 mins on each side on medium  heat (just make sure the cheese has melted)! Viola — it’s DONE!

I hope you love this quick & healthy addition to the recipe!



24/7 Glide on Eye Shadow Pencil

Hey guys,

I love makeup! It’s unfortunate, that I ALSO love sleep. Usually, my love for sleep trumps my love for makeup, but this doesn’t ALWAYS mean that I show up looking half done for class, or work — but what it really means is that I buy products that are easy to use, and have nice holding/lasting power.

Today’s easy to use product is the URBAN DECAY 24/7 GLIDE ON EYE SHADOWS.

I originally bought this product on HAUTELOOK.COM (one of my favorite websites). It was $20 (I think) and came in 5 colors. My favorite colors in the set are the two brown colors, and “sin” (which is a light color).


I basically take the lighter color “sin” or “cowboy” in the inner one half of my eye lid, and the use the darker color on the outter half of my eyelid, use my index finger and blend them together in the middle. I get A 30 SECOND smokey eye!

I also go back and apply the lighter color to the bottom corner of my inner eye!


P.S. I basically do what this girl does in the youtube video, just incase you want to some help, or need some visual aid!

How to style curly hair!

Hey guys,

Being an Indian girl has it’s pros and cons, and hair is definitely one of those PRO/CON areas. I love my Indian girl hair, because it’s so malleable. For example, I can quickly curl it, and I’ll get awesome curls, or I can take 10-15 minutes to straight my whole head for finesse straight hair. Unfortunately, there are some pretty big cons too, I ALWAYS have to style it, or else I get left with frizzy hair. Humidity and rain is my hairs worst NIGHTMARE!

I’m constantly looking for ways to tame my locks in a limited amount of time. I found this video by Mimi last night and decided to give it a try this morning, and I LOVED IT.

I did alter her instructions a tad:

(1) I did NOT use pomade (because I do not own any)
(2) I added 5-8 curls using my wand (I added the curls on the top layer, and around my face)
(3) I used Moroccanoil (love this stuff & I use it RELIGIOUSLY after I wash my hair)

Give it a try and tell me how you liked it! Also, tell me if you altered the instructions a tad as well.

Laws Miserables

I unfortunately will NOT be updating as frequently as I would like for the next two and half weeks, but I promise, after law school finals, I will be UPDATING everyday! By watching this video you will understand my pain.

Also, I’ll be working for an Entertainment Lawyer this summer! If you need to set up talent contracts, or contracts pertaining to your website, your services, or acquiring other services etc., please feel free to contact me at I will try and put you in contact with the partner I will be working under!